Shaq O'Neal Implicates LeBron in JJ Redick's Lakers Hiring

Shaq Questions LeBron's Role in Redick Hire

by Nouman Rasool
Shaq O'Neal Implicates LeBron in JJ Redick's Lakers Hiring
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The Los Angeles Lakers' hiring of JJ Redick as the new head coach has led to much conjecture, particularly about LeBron James association with that decision. Though Redick said he did not speak with James until about a half-hour after taking the job, skepticism at that time was strong.

Former Lakers' superstar Shaquille O'Neal openly questioned Redick's claim on his podcast. I am working on a site called, Yeah Right backslash,'" O'Neal joked. At the Lakers, everything runs through LeBron. I know definitely because when you are in that position as a leader, they let yall know everything.

Shaq Exposes Lakers' Dynamics

O'Neal's remark conveys a wider knowledge of how the Lakers work in stakes like team leadership, as decisions tend to only impact by few. That historical precedent makes sense: James is a 20-time All-Star and one of the most important figures in Lakers history so it would only be natural for him to at least give input on such an albeit critical hire.

I sat in that chair for years; nothing moved without my say-so. When they cut my head and traded me, the only time something went down without asking permission And then Kobe became Cobavid... Then from there, nothing went down without his permission," O'Neal said.

"So everything that goes on is definitely a conversation with LeBron and Rich [Paul] and those guys." Recalling Redick's initial response to the news, and how some might dismiss his hiring as simply an example of "the closed shop," O'Neal gave a nod to professionalism in saying that everything he has said from then on appears nothing "short of class...

respecting (his) privacy... and with understanding for who takes over. Shaq's immedate challenges for Redick included earning the respect in locker room. Redick, who just moved from the locker room to the sideline, must now lead a group of players that he previously had competed against. Shaquille O'Neal said, "Redick's biggest challenge will be the locker room with some guys that he just played against.