Dallas Trades Tim Hardaway Jr. and Picks for Detroit's Quentin Grimes

Mavericks Make Strategic Move Amidst Offseason Changes

by Zain ul Abedin
Dallas Trades Tim Hardaway Jr. and Picks for Detroit's Quentin Grimes
© Tim Heitman/Getty Images

As part of the proper strategic planning of the salary cap, the Dallas Mavericks made a massive trade: Tim Hardaway Jr. will be transferred to the Detroit Pistons. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN announced the deal. Hardaway Jr., along with three second-round draft picks, went to the Knicks in exchange for Quentin Grimes.

This move proves that Dallas is focused on re-signing Derrick Jones Jr., which management made clear was a priority this offseason.

Nico Harrison, the team decision-maker for the Mavericks, confirmed that the organization’s focus was to retain Jones as their top priority. By trading for Hardaway Jr. and cutting on his contract, the Mavericks were thus actually able to free up $12 million, which would allow them to woo Jones through the mid-level $12.

9 million exception.

Dallas's Calculated Trade

Tactically, Dallas does not feel that losing Hudson and Brunson is a big problem in the parquet. Despite the fact that Hardaway was contributing offensively with his 14. four points per game in the last season and converting 35 percent.

3% from beyond the arc, so he was rather sparingly used in critical playoff games. Jason Kidd only employed him occasionally until the last few games of the Finals, and Hardaway was still able to score 15 points in a game already called game 4.

On the other hand, Grimes, who got injured in some of the games, needs to be expected to perform the minutes effectively. Thus, the Pistons' obtaining of Hardaway is more of a proper utilization of their rebuilding strategy.

Having approximately $50 million in cap space left, Detroit agrees to sign Hardaway with a huge contract. On the flip side, draft picks return to their club. Both the second-round picks are valuable either as starting players or trade chips, and even more so the Raptors pick that the analysts project as a high second-round pick.

However, finding a teammate for young star Cade Cunningham, the team gets a solid veteran in Hardaway, which improves the team’s offense as he is a good perimeter shooter. This move is mutually beneficial and also complimentary with Detroit’s bigger picture plan of constructing a roster that has the foundation of prospects and draft picks in the future.