Will Bronny James Find a Spot in the NBA Draft?

Bronny James overcomes adversity, returns to the court

by Zain ul Abedin
Will Bronny James Find a Spot in the NBA Draft?
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The first round of the NBA Draft concluded in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center with one man not present. Bronny James, the son of LeBron James, an NBA star, expected to be selected in the draft, but he was not selected this year as well.

Now, teams can take him in the second round of the draft in the picks ranging from 31 to 58 on Thursday. Bronny, however, like every other prospect, has not had it an easy ride to the draft. He played only two seasons at the University of Southern California, and his scoring average was rather low, around 4.

They netted eight goals in twenty-five matches and mostly played for the reserve side. However, it is not only the on-court exhibition that has drawn the eyes of the scouts and the fans.

Bronny's Brave Return

Specifically, the young athlete was forced to end his career rather prematurely in July of the previous year following a cardiac arrest during training.

Bronny had a congenital heart disease, which made her fight a lot to live a normal life. Thankfully, he was allowed to go back to basketball with the treatment; nonetheless, he came back in Southern Cal’s ninth game of the season.

This was a rather unfortunate event that happened to him but it proved that he is a man of his word and will continue to play the game. At the same time, LeBron James also has an important decision to make as well. He only has this Saturday to decide if he is going to remain as one of the main players of the Los Angeles Lakers for the seasons 2018-2019.

LeBron James, who is the present most valuable player in the NBA and also the all-time leading scorer, has also stated that his goal is to play alongside his son. Although he has recently said that this is not what he wants, everyone, including the fans and media, would be interested in such a storyline.

In the NBA, there have been cases like Dell and Steph Curry, the father and son combination, especially the shooters. However, there has been no incidence of a father and a son to play in the league at the same time, which is quite fascinating.

Therefore, during the draft, the audience will observe Bronny and find out if this young man will be able to overcome the personal and professional challenges and, like his father, join the league and become a member of the NBA, which might be a historical event.