NBA's Talen Horton-Tucker Loses $170K in Jewelry to LA Thieves

Surge in home invasions targets NBA players' residences

by Zain ul Abedin
NBA's Talen Horton-Tucker Loses $170K in Jewelry to LA Thieves
© Michael Reaves/Getty Images

In similar events occurring in LA, NBA player Talen Horton-Tucker was attacked earlier this week in his home, where his robber's stripes took jewellery worth $170,000. The home of the Utah Jazz guard, situated in one of the most secured LA areas, was targeted in what appeared to be a planned robbery.

After the incident, police sources told TMZ that the man jumped over the back fence to get into Wright’s house. They are said to have escaped with different items of jewellery, described as very expensive, before going out through a side yard.

Fortunately, there was some documentation of the event from the security cameras. This is due to Horton-Tucker’s absence from his house during the break-in incident, which renders the action meaningless. The break-in was witnessed by a house sitter, and the culprit reported the incident to the police immediately.

To date, police have not arrested any suspect in connection with the mishap. This is not the first case in Horton-Tucker’s home, but it lies among rising cases regarding athletes in the region.

Recent NBA Home Burglaries

This same unfortunate incident befell former NBA player Patrick Patterson within less than two weeks of this incident.

On June 7, two men broke into Patterson’s $5.2 million Encino home. They were wearing masks, gloves and black clothes, and the incident was recorded by the security camera installed in the house. They were able to sneak out with large bags full of Patterson’s belongings just in the nick of time when the police arrived.

Burglary incidents have also been reported in the otherwise secure, wealthy areas that athletes live in. Horton-Tucker, who signed for the Jazz in 2022 from the Los Angeles Lakers, had a relatively unremarkable early stint.

While he played with the Lakers, he accomplished quite a number of feats among them being the NBA title in the year 2020 together with LeBron James. The recent events, therefore, call for improvement of security in the house of such personalities.

Since investigations are still under way, the victims, together with the local police, encourage people to be more careful and tighten security to prevent such crimes.