Devin Harris Lauds Mark Cuban for Unwavering Support During Family Tragedy

Devin Harris praises Mark Cuban's support.

by Nouman Rasool
Devin Harris Lauds Mark Cuban for Unwavering Support During Family Tragedy
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Business acumen characterizes Mark Cuban's ownership of the Dallas Mavericks. Still, it is a deeply personal touch on players that gives them what places him a cut above the rest. In 2000, after purchasing the Mavericks for $285 million, Cuban seemed not to stop there, upgrading facilities and revamping the team, but instead creating an extremely fan-and-player-friendly atmosphere that won fans and players alike.

A poignant testament to Cuban's character came from Devin Harris, a player who donned the Mavericks jersey in three stints. He revealed an emotionally draining period he went through in October 2017 when his elder brother Bruce died in a car accident.

Unlike other owners who might keep aloof in such times, Cuban was very much in the trenches with Harris. Displaying both compassion and team spirit, Cuban stayed with Harris through her toughest moments. "I did lose my brother to a tragic car accident.

That man sat in the waiting room with me the entire time," Harris revealed in an interview with "Forgotten Seasons." In fact, this act of support was way into the future part of their relationship, thus exemplifying instances where Cuban stood up for his team members for a really long time.

Mark Cuban's Personal Touch It's not just that; Cuban is involved beyond the professional level, too. He has been loud and forthright, whether complaining about game officials or discussing with fans on the Internet. More importantly, though, it's genuine empathy and personal engagement that makes a difference within the Mavericks community.

"I'm kind of the head of my family. I had to be in charge of many decisions we had to make," Harris reiterated, explaining just how much Cuban's invaluable guidance meant to him during those dark days. He doesn't mean that concerning being a decision-maker but also being a confidant.

Mark Cuban stands in a class all his own as an NBA owner. Where most owners might prefer the more reserved, back-office approach, Cuban is very hands-on and actively engaged both in the operational and personal elements of his organization.

He's proven to be a leader not just in fielding a successful team on the court but also in fostering evangelists off the court.