Jay Williams Allegedly Leaks Major Lakers Update on Live Broadcast

ESPN's Jay Williams stirs speculation with coaching comment.

by Nouman Rasool
Jay Williams Allegedly Leaks Major Lakers Update on Live Broadcast
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There has been much controversy in the past few days after former player and ESPN analyst Jay Williams who may have revealed sensitive details about the Los Angeles Lakers’ head coach on a live TV segment. Recently, on ESPN’s show “Get Up” alongside Mike Greenberg, Andraya Carter, Brian Windhorst, and Monica McNutt, Williams explored the abilities of the Lakers in the NBA series next year.

The conversation continued as they transitioned to topics such as the significance of analyzing the fact that the Boston Celtics recently passed the Lakers in a number of NBA championships with their 18th title.

Redick Coaching Rumors

Though Williams appeared on ESPN at the last possible moment to keep his tongue from being cut out by a Lakers fan, he did little to quell the rumour mill, as he suggested that ESPN analyst J.

J. Redick might soon be given the head coaching position for the Lakers. I was told, ‘I think the Lakers are actually considering it and might hire J. J. Redick as the head coach,’ Williams said. ‘It is a great moment for J.

J . , and we wish this guy the best of luck while he shares the court with LeBron James during his career last years. The Lakers organization has experienced much of the drama in this off-season especially concerning the coaching position.

Notably, another candidate was Dan Hurley UConn ESPN St, AL, & Lev reported. Soon, Adrian Wojnarowski elaborated that multiple sources had named Dan Hurley from UConn as a candidate. Wojnarowski, in his discussion with Hurley, admitted to the Laker’s ‘compelling vision’ package but claimed loyalty to his existing program.

However the increasing attention has returned to J. J. Redick, the name which has frequently appeared in the discussions connected with the coaching staff of the Lakers. As to whether Redick will get the job is still in the air; however, this leak may force ESPN to rethink Williams’ contribution in his line of duty due to the tendency to leak confidential information.