Ex-Broncos Star Draws Parallel Between Mahomes' Conference and NBA's Mavericks

Shannon Sharpe sheds light on NFL and NBA parallels.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Ex-Broncos Star Draws Parallel Between Mahomes' Conference and NBA's Mavericks
© Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

In a crossover for the ages, Super Bowl-winning Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes recently lent his voice to a promotional video for the Dallas Mavericks during the NBA Finals. His is considered one of the most fierce and diversified skills of any player on the football field.

Still, Mahomes's involvement with the NBA festivities only sheds some light on the symbiotic relationship between these two major American sports leagues. Former Denver Broncos tight end Shannon Sharpe, now of ESPN's "First Take," did something similar and interestingly drew a comparison to the NBA's Western Conference.

Sharpe said, "[The AFC] is much like the Western Conference in basketball. It's loaded, and they've got a lot of young quarterbacks led by Patrick Mahomes." He commended the caliber of Mahomes and the other great quarterbacks in the group, including Lamar Jackson as the reigning MVP and Joe Burrow, who has significantly helped his team win over Kansas City on the way to the Super Bowl.

AFC Rivals NBA's Best

This puts in perspective the depth of, and the competition in, both conferences: the way the Western Conference has established itself as a force in the NBA, the AFC has developed the same reputation in the NFL.

Sharpe's sentiments did pop up when the AFC is arguably strong, with both the Chiefs and the Pittsburgh Steelers engrossed in fierce rivalries besides maintaining the quality of football. Meanwhile, Russell Wilson, the presumptive starting QB under new coach Mike Tomlin in Pittsburgh, adds another layer of intrigue to the AFC.

Wilson, coming off a season marked by a decisive victory over Mahomes, is settling into a roster brimming with potential. His performance last season, particularly during the 24-9 dismantling of the Chiefs, signals a heated competition in the upcoming games.

Meanwhile, Mahomes' off-field activities, including his voiceover work for the Mavericks, have not gone unnoticed. His participation in the promotional video, albeit critiqued for its lack of enthusiasm, illustrates his expanding influence beyond the gridiron.

The promotional clip, intended to hype up the Finals, had Mahomes articulating the essence of championship success, albeit in a tone that some felt lacked the vigor expected of a pep talk. As Mahomes navigates his dual roles in sports and potential ventures into acting, it's clear that his celebrity status is on the rise.

However, as Sharpe's comments and Mahomes' recent activities suggest, excelling in one arena doesn't always guarantee success in another. For Mahomes, whether on the field or in promotional endeavors, the journey ahead remains filled with promise and high expectations.