Dončić Taunts Celtics Owner Grousbeck Following Clutch Shot

Dončić shines amid heated moments in NBA Finals.

by Abdullah Magsi
Dončić Taunts Celtics Owner Grousbeck Following Clutch Shot
© Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Luka Dončić, the Dallas Mavericks star, showed his fighting spirit ahead of Game 2 of the 2024 NBA Finals. That was the headline on the ugliest of mornings just as much after the Mavericks fell 107-89 to the Boston Celtics in the first series game; Dončić never relented but promised to put on a better show in the next game.

Well, it's safe to say the Slovenian phenom scored 23 in the first half alone in a scoring display that served to set the stage for an entertaining back-and-forth contest. He only upped the ante for the testy game in the third quarter.

In one timeout during the third quarter, something almost unprecedented happened: Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck called for a technical foul to be called on Dončić, as he argued on a side comment, no doubt. Surprised but undaunted, Dončić bided his time for a chance to respond on the court.

When he touched the ball for the first time against Derrick White, it was a masterly shimmy: He went to his left, pivoted to his right, and hit that step-back jumper everyone associates with him. Spinning, he darted back up the floor, probably saying something to Grousbeck, who watched from his spot on the sideline as the play went the other way.

"More than the score, it was one of those moments representative of the spirit Dončić himself possesses—competitive—as he refused to back down from the challenge, regardless of who was setting it for him, all the way down to an owner," and though he let up a little in the third, Dončić would finish with a very nice 29 points on 11-of-15 shooting, four of seven from three.

Dončić's Sideline Exchange

The interaction between Dončić and Grousbeck became a talking point post-game. When questioned about the exchange, Dončić responded with a touch of humor: "I'm sorry, I don't know who the Celtics owner [is]." His comment underscored a focus solely on the game, regardless of who might be on the sidelines.

It was a clear indicator of his mindset; for Dončić, it's all about basketball, and his only concern is the opposition on the court, not in the stands. Dončić's approach to the game exemplifies why he's a cornerstone of the Mavericks' franchise.

Known for his 'Luka Magic,' he consistently demonstrates that his talent on the court is matched by a fierce competitive nature that welcomes challenges from any quarter—be it opposing players or even team owners. This incident serves as a testament to the intensity and passion that define the NBA playoffs, where every game is a battle and every interaction can become a headline.

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