2024 MLB Odds, Paul Skenes Projected Strikeout Total

Paul Skenes dominates in his rookie MLB season

by Zain ul Abedin
2024 MLB Odds, Paul Skenes Projected Strikeout Total
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Paul Skenes is making his first season in the MLB, pitching with the prowess of a veteran. The Pittsburgh Pirates rookie pitcher overtook the headlines when he went on for a pretty an incredible run in his first five starts.

He is now 3-0, owning an excellent 3.00 ERA, with just 21 hits allowed, acquired six walks, and gave up only four home runs in 27 innings. He knows how to command on the mound. The most impressive part is that Skenes has done this early in his career, having already compiled 38 strikeouts after making his Major League debut on May 11.

After the excellent minor debut, Skenes finished his turn by striking out seven more Cubs on May 17 with an even more dominating performance, one that fanned 11 batters. After those first breakthroughs, the question on everybody's mind is how many batters Skenes will strike out over the season.

Here are the odds from FanDuel Sportsbook June 6.

Skenes' Strikeout Power

At this juncture, Skenes had been averaging a whopping 12.7 batters struck out in each nine innings. In his most recent, exhilarating game against the Dodgers, he struck out Los Angeles' superstar Shohei Ohtani, albeit in the first inning, though the latter drove one of the former's fastballs over the fence for a home run.

This was not to be the albatross effect as the Pirates emerged victors in the tense encounter and chalked up their 29th win of a season in which the Skenes have been colossal. To put what Skenes is doing into perspective: Last season, the Padres' pitcher Blake Snell led not only the Padres' team but the entire league with a 2.25 ERA.

Skenes, entering his rookie year, has a performance to boast of with a 3.00 ERA. This comparison puts to light just how great his first five starts are. For the other markets on Skenes, his current odds for the NL Cy Young Award are +20000.

Should he go on to win, he is also second in the market for winning the NL Rookie of the Year at +320, behind Shota Imanaga at +135. Central League observers will be keenly watching Skenes as he continues to fantastically and make a difference in this rookie season.