Kevin Durant on playing with James Harden, Kyrie Irving: It felt right, perfect

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Kevin Durant on playing with James Harden, Kyrie Irving: It felt right, perfect

The Brooklyn Nets failed to get a win in the Big Three debut but Kevin Durant was satisfied with how it felt on the court. Durant scored a team-high 38 points, Irving notched 37 points and Harden added 21 points but it was not enough as the Cleveland Cavaliers stunned the Nets in a double overtime 147-135.

"It felt right," Durant said of playing with Harden and Irving, per ESPN. "Felt perfect, felt like we belong together. It felt like just joining together is going to be fun. It was a tough start, especially it was an up-and-down game for us."

Nets head coach Nash acknowledged that the team now needs to work on developing a chemistry. "We had breakdowns all over the place," Nets coach Steve Nash said. "So, we've got a lot of work to do. We know that.

We know we have a very offensive team right now, so we have to find ways to defend, to get connected, to be on the same page." The Cavalies dominated the Nets in the second overtime and Nash suggested Brooklyn ran out of gas in the second overtime.

"I think the second overtime, there was fatigue," Nash said. "Right now, it looks like we made the wrong decisions; but if they don't make that 3 at the end of the first overtime, it looks like it was worthwhile.

Sometimes you roll the dice."

Irving enjoyed playing alongside Durant and Harden

Irving, who missed seven consecutive games because he needed some time away, returned in style but his 37 points were not enough for the Nets to beat the Cavaliers.

"Always playing the game that I love, I am grateful," Irving said after Wednesday's tilt. "I never take it for granted. Then also to be playing with Kevin Durant, James Harden, just those names alone right now, just were having some fun."

Harden, the 2018 NBA MVP, acknowledged that he will do whatever it takes to help the Nets win. "I'm a hooper," Harden said. "Like I said, I'm very unselfish. I'm going to do whatever it takes to win.

Obviously, KD is like an elite, different kind of basketball player as far as the way he is able to score the basketball. It's so easy for him, and I know that. I just want to make it a little bit easier if I can. For the rest of our team, our shooters and our bigs -- make it easier for them. So yeah, it was easy out there."