Bronny James Stays in NBA Draft: Key Details

Bronny James confirms decision to stay in NBA draft

by Zain ul Abedin
Bronny James Stays in NBA Draft: Key Details
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Bronny James has declared for the upcoming NBA Draft, so it would be interesting to see if he would team up with his father, LeBron James, for the next season. Bronny decided to remain in the NBA draft Thursday night rather than withdraw, something he had until the Wednesday night before the deadline, which meant he forgoes the rest of his college eligibility as a guard at Southern Cal.

Obviously, the decision has momentous consequences not only for him and his family but also for the NBA. The 19-year-old initially declared for the draft and entered the NCAA transfer portal right as early April approached, doing so with an eye on keeping his options open throughout the predraft process.

The decision was made official by his father, LeBron James, on Wednesday morning in an Instagram post in which he wrote: "BRONNY STAYING IN DRAFT." The fact that Bronny is going to stay in the draft is already evidence that he is confident enough to feel ready to take basketball to the next level.

His USC play, combined with knowledge and experiences of his father by far the greatest to ever put on an NBA uniform, no doubt continued to mold his path to this moment.

Father-Son Duo

Expectations have significantly been buzzed among fans and analysts regarding the possibility of a father-and-son combination entering the NBA.

LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers would often speak about how he had a dream to play for the same NBA team as his son. A dream that could now become a reality if he were to be drafted by an accommodating squad, seeing as that would script a unique and historic narrative for the league.

So close to the draft, they focused on Bronny, what place he would end up playing in, and what impact his presence would have on team dynamics. It's not his call; this is staying in the draft, but it also opens a new chapter for what might turn out to be a fascinating course in basketball careers for the two of them.

Predictions for the upcoming NBA draft were already in the air, but the selection of Bronny James has only heightened the interest and thrill. Whether he will join his dad on the court remains to be seen. That possibility alone has lit the world's imaginations as far as basketball goes.