Stephen A. Smith Appeals to TNT's 'Inside The NBA' Team

Ernie Johnson orchestrates harmony on TNT's beloved NBA show.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Stephen A. Smith Appeals to TNT's 'Inside The NBA' Team
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As the 2024-25 NBA season looms on the horizon, there's mounting concern that it could mark the end of an era for TNT's broadcast of the league, a development that has fans and commentators alike worried about the potential disbanding of the iconic "Inside the NBA" crew.

The ensemble, cherished for its insightful and often humorous take on basketball, has become a staple in sports broadcasting. Among the vocal advocates for the crew's continuity is ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, who recently expressed his staunch support for the team on his show, "The Stephen A.

Smith Show." Smith, known for his deep knowledge of the sports television landscape, emphasized the unique chemistry and entertainment value that Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kenny Smith bring to the table.

“The incredible job this team has done over the years, entertaining and enlightening the basketball community, is something truly special," Smith remarked. "In this industry, it doesn’t matter which network banner you fly; when you have a powerhouse trio like Barkley, O’Neal, and Smith, you do everything in your power to keep them together”.

"Inside the NBA" has not only served as a platform for game analysis but has also been the backdrop for countless memorable moments, largely due to the dynamic between its co-hosts. With Barkley and O’Neal at the helm, the show has delivered a blend of humor and insight, making it a beloved fixture in the world of sports television.

Ernie Johnson's Impact

Ernie Johnson's role as the host brings a stabilizing presence to the show, guiding the sometimes raucous energy of his co-hosts towards engaging and thoughtful discussions. The camaraderie and genuine affection among the crew have resonated deeply with viewers, many of whom see the show as more than just a sports program but a significant part of their NBA fandom.

The possibility of this team disbanding is a disquieting thought for many, with hopes riding high that a solution will be found to keep the "Inside the NBA" crew in place beyond this potentially final season on TNT. As the situation unfolds, the sports community is watching closely, hoping for a favorable outcome that will allow this beloved crew to continue their exceptional work in sports broadcasting.

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