Top 3 Best and Worst QBs the Giants Will Face in 2024, Featuring Kirk Cousins

Giants' 2024 season hinges on key quarterback matchups.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Top 3 Best and Worst QBs the Giants Will Face in 2024, Featuring Kirk Cousins
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As the New York Giants gear up for a hopeful return to the playoffs in 2024, their journey will be shaped by a series of crucial matchups against some of the league's most formidable and unpredictable quarterbacks. The quest to replicate a success not seen since the early days of Eli Manning's tenure hinges significantly on their performance against these key opponents.

The Giants' quarterback, Daniel Jones, is set to face a blend of elite talent and potential underperformers this season. Let's delve into the quarterbacks who could make or break New York's playoff aspirations.

Top Quarterbacks the Giants Will Encounter

Joe Burrow claims the third spot on our list.

Despite a setback due to injury in 2023, Burrow's prowess remains undeniable, particularly recalling his triumph over Patrick Mahomes with a Super Bowl berth at stake. His comeback in 2024 is highly anticipated, promising an explosive Week 6 clash that could turn into a high-scoring affair.

Next up is Dak Prescott, who finds himself at a critical juncture with the Dallas Cowboys. As contract talks linger, Prescott's resolve remains unshaken, proven by his consistent excellence during the regular season. The Giants are poised to face a formidable challenge in their two encounters with Prescott, who is motivated to prove his worth.

At the top of the list is Lamar Jackson, a two-time MVP and a veteran of deep playoff runs. Jackson is a win away from reaching a status comparable to legends like Aaron Rodgers. Should the Giants overcome Jackson this season, it would mark a significant upset, underscoring their competitive edge.

Quarterbacks That Might Offer Relief

On the flip side, some matchups appear less daunting. Kirk Cousins, despite his experience, enters the season with uncertainties, particularly after recovering from an Achilles injury and facing competition from newcomer Michael Penix.

His response could swing either way, making him a wildcard in the Giants' schedule. Rookie J.J. McCarthy is another quarterback the Giants could exploit. The transition to the NFL is notoriously challenging, and while McCarthy has the support of talents like Justin Jefferson, rookie errors could tilt the game in New York's favor.

Lastly, Bryce Young finds himself under scrutiny after a challenging start with the Panthers. His performance this season will be critical in determining whether he can reverse his fortunes or continue to struggle. For the Giants, navigating this array of quarterback talents will be pivotal in their pursuit of postseason glory.

As they prepare to face each of these quarterbacks, the stakes could not be higher in their bid to secure a playoff berth in 2024.