Red Alert: Durant's Co-Host Suggests Knicks Ditch Black for Game 7

Knicks gear up for decisive showdown at home.

by Abdullah Magsi
Red Alert: Durant's Co-Host Suggests Knicks Ditch Black for Game 7
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The New York Knicks stand on the brink of a significant milestone, potentially advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals for only the second time this century, following a resounding Game 5 victory over the Indiana Pacers.

This triumph ignited the passion of the fervent crowd at Madison Square Garden, setting the stage for an intense playoff series. Despite the setbacks of injuries that have chipped away at their roster depth, the Knicks have maintained their competitive spirit, largely thanks to the exceptional performances of Jalen Brunson.

Yet, the Pacers, showcasing formidable strength on their home court, have been a tough opponent throughout the 2024 NBA playoffs. In a pivotal Game 6, the Pacers reclaimed momentum with a decisive 116-103 win, ensuring the battle for advancement would stretch to a seventh game.

A pre-game spectacle that drew attention was the Knicks' choice of attire: the team arrived dressed entirely in black, a move often associated with funerals. After their loss, Kevin Durant's podcast co-host, Eddie Gonzalez, didn't miss the chance to chide the Knicks, humorously suggesting, "Wear red or something Sunday fellas," highlighting the potential jinx associated with their choice.

Knicks' Game 7 Focus

As the series shifts back to Madison Square Garden for Game 7, the Knicks are not short on reasons for optimism. To clinch a spot against the Boston Celtics in the finals, they must hone in on key aspects of their gameplay, which seemed to falter in the last outing.

The Pacers made notable adjustments in Game 6, particularly in their approach to rebounding. Myles Turner’s efforts were crucial in neutralizing Knicks’ standout Isaiah Hartenstein, leading to a significant 47-35 rebounding discrepancy favoring Indiana.

This area, previously a strength for New York, will need a significant boost in the upcoming game. For the Knicks, the imminent Game 7 is not just another playoff game; it's a defining moment of their season. They need to leverage the electrifying energy of their home crowd, which can provide the extra push needed to dominate the boards and seal a victory.

The Knicks' strategy moving forward involves more than just tactical adjustments; it’s about channeling the intensity and determination that have gotten them this far. With a mix of strategic play and the support of a roaring Madison Square Garden, the Knicks aim to put an end to the Pacers' season and take their place in the Eastern Conference Finals.