Bronny James' $3.7M NIL Boosts G League Attendance, Says NBA Insider

Bronny James is set to join the NBA draft combine.

by Abdullah Magsi
Bronny James' $3.7M NIL Boosts G League Attendance, Says NBA Insider
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Bronny James has been medically cleared to pursue his NBA aspirations and is expected to participate in the upcoming draft combine. Following a cardiac arrest last summer and subsequent medical procedure, James made a notable comeback playing for USC.

His draft prospects and the impact of his NIL deals were recently discussed by league insiders. In a recent episode of "NBA Today" on ESPN, analysts Adrian Wojnarowski and Bobby Marks delved into James' draft potential. Wojnarowski predicts that LeBron James' son will be selected either late in the first round or early in the second round.

He emphasized the mutual benefits for both Bronny and the G League. "Bronny James is going to impact organizations not just on the basketball side but also on the business side. He's almost assuredly going to start in the G League.

He will pack G League arenas. Merchandising and all of those aspects make him an attractive player, whether it's late first round or second round, so I think certainly his opportunity to play in the NBA is there," said Wojnarowski.

Bronny's NBA Potential

Meanwhile, Bobby Marks highlighted what makes Bronny James a promising NBA prospect. Marks noted Bronny's shooting struggles during his time at USC but appreciated the physical improvements and defensive potential of the 19-year-old guard.

"It starts with certainly shooting, something he struggled with a bit at USC in a somewhat dysfunctional situation. I think what teams will see is a player who is 15 pounds heavier, in a good way, than he was at USC. He put on some really solid weight.

I think his calling card is going to be on the defensive end, and the next couple of days in the five-on-five workouts are crucial for teams to evaluate him," Marks explained. Bronny James' NIL deals, valued at an estimated $3.7 million, significantly enhance his profile.

While his father, LeBron James, undoubtedly contributes to his visibility, Bronny has cultivated his own following since his high school days at Sierra Canyon. As a freshman at USC, he ranked third among athletes who have not turned professional, just behind Shadeur Sanders and Livvy Dunne.

If drafted into the NBA, Bronny is expected to play initially in the G League, where his presence will likely attract significant attention and revenue. This exposure will benefit all parties involved, providing Bronny with a platform to develop his skills against professional competition before potentially joining his father in the NBA.

With his promising athleticism, business appeal, and the support of his father, Bronny James stands poised to make a significant impact both on and off the court.