Broncos' Sean Payton Weighs In on Bo Nix's Rookie Minicamp, Eyes QB Battle

Rookie Bo Nix impresses at Broncos' minicamp sessions.

by Abdullah Magsi
Broncos' Sean Payton Weighs In on Bo Nix's Rookie Minicamp, Eyes QB Battle
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Denver Broncos' recent draft pick, Bo Nix, is already making waves at the team’s rookie minicamp, showcasing his potential to shape the team’s future. Selected 12th overall in the 2024 NFL Draft, Nix’s transition into the professional realm is being closely monitored by both coaches and fans alike, keen to see how he adapts to the big league.

During his first minicamp, Nix has immersed himself in learning the Broncos' playbook and establishing rapport with his new teammates and coaching staff. His dedication to understanding the nuances of professional play is evident.

“Everything’s new,” Nix remarked, highlighting the comprehensive change from college football. “You’re learning a new offense, new teammates, new coaches, new practice style—everything's new.

You don't really know where to go, you have to kind of follow your position coach around”.

Payton Praises Nix

Broncos’ head coach, Sean Payton, expressed optimism about Nix’s performance and adaptability.

After observing his practice sessions, Payton noted, “So much of it is huddle, snap count, break the huddle, under center, shotgun it's a process. He's handling the install well, he had a pretty good practice today, he's grinding through it, he's doing good with it”.

Payton particularly praised Nix’s calm and patient approach on the field, likening his playing style to that of a skilled golfer. “He had two or three down the field throws [Saturday],” Payton said. “It’s almost like watching a good golfer when you watch his game...

there’s a patience to how he plays, the ball comes out”. Nix, only 24 years old, is committed to a rigorous learning process, aiming to absorb as much as possible without repeating mistakes. This proactive approach could prove invaluable as the Broncos prepare for the full team practices.

With Nix, Jarrett Stidham, and Zach Wilson comprising the quarterback roster, an intriguing competition looms on the horizon. Payton remained coy about the exact dynamics of the upcoming quarterback competition but assured that a structured rotation would be in place.

“We’ll figure it out, we’ll figure it out... We’ll have a rotation and we’ll go from there,” he stated, suggesting a flexible strategy as the team progresses through the offseason. As the Broncos gear up for the next phase of their preseason, all eyes will be on Nix and his integration into the team, potentially defining the Broncos' strategy and lineup for the upcoming NFL season.

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