Snoop Dogg Backs Lakers' Owner Jeanie Buss to Revive LeBron's Era

LeBron James and Anthony Davis redefine Lakers' success.

by Nouman Rasool
Snoop Dogg Backs Lakers' Owner Jeanie Buss to Revive LeBron's Era
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Amid the fluctuating fortunes of the Los Angeles Lakers during LeBron James' tenure, iconic rapper Snoop Dogg has voiced his unwavering trust in team owner Jeanie Buss to steer the franchise back to its winning ways. Despite the Lakers clinching a championship in James’ second year, the team's performance has been inconsistent, falling short of the storied franchise’s high standards.

The Lakers have faced significant challenges, missing the playoffs in two of James' seasons and suffering early exits in others, including a first-round departure against Denver in the 2024 playoffs. Their journey has also included three play-in tournament appearances since 2021.

Despite some fans critiquing Buss's leadership during these turbulent times, Snoop Dogg stands firm in his support. Speaking on Stephen A. Smith's podcast, the rapper emphasized his belief in Buss's dedication to the Lakers' legacy.

"It’s not about placing blame on individuals like Darvin Ham for our setbacks," Snoop Dogg remarked, referring to the recently dismissed coach. "I trust in Jeanie [Buss]; I know she does what’s best for the organization.

We're used to winning championships, not just barely making it into the playoffs."

LeBron Revives Lakers' Glory

The Lakers, who acquired LeBron James in 2018, aimed to revive their dominance following several lackluster seasons post-Kobe Bryant’s era marked by injuries and retirements.

James, alongside star recruit Anthony Davis, propelled the Lakers to their record-tying 17th NBA championship in 2020. Snoop Dogg hailed LeBron’s pivotal role in revitalizing the Lakers, challenging the notion that their recent championship was diminished by critics.

"In the beginning, everyone wanted an immediate championship, and it was tough when it didn’t happen right away," Snoop explained. "But LeBron brought us a title, breaking records along the way, and even added an In-Season Tournament victory to our achievements.

We cherish all these moments." Despite only one championship under James, his impact on the team has been undeniable, making the Lakers contenders again. However, at 39, LeBron’s dominance on the court is waning, necessitating greater support to sustain competitiveness, especially against the rising talents of younger teams.

As the Lakers navigate this transitional period, the pressure is on Jeanie Buss and the organization to align the right pieces around their aging superstar. The Lakers’ success in the 2019-20 season showcased their potential when decisions align perfectly.

With a robust strategy, the backing of legends like Snoop Dogg, and the leadership of Jeanie Buss, the Lakers are poised to reclaim their place at the pinnacle of NBA success.

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