Rams Release Versatile Wide Receiver

Rams Adjust Offense, Shift Focus to Tight End Utilization.

by Nouman Rasool
Rams Release Versatile Wide Receiver
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In the ever-evolving landscape of the NFL, teams are continuously adjusting their rosters to align with strategic goals and emerging talents. Recently, the Los Angeles Rams made a significant move by releasing veteran wide receiver Ben Skowronek, sparking interest across the league, especially from the Kansas City Chiefs who are currently bolstering their receiving corps.

Ben Skowronek, a former seventh-round pick, has spent three seasons with the Rams, establishing himself as a core special teams player and a respected team captain. Despite his limited offensive snaps, Skowronek managed to secure 39 catches for 376 yards in the 2022 season, demonstrating potential for increased production.

NFL reporter Dianna Russini from The Athletic highlighted the Rams' decision, noting that Skowronek was entering his contract year. His departure comes at a time when the Chiefs are actively seeking to enhance their receiving options, and Skowronek’s versatile skill set could be an ideal fit.

Known for his work ethic and leadership, he could offer the Chiefs a low-cost option with a proven track record of reliability and adaptability.

Rams' Strategic Shift

Exploring the reasons behind the Rams' decision to release such a versatile player, we turned to Rams expert Bret Stuter, editor of Ramblin' Fan.

Stuter explained that the Rams have been adjusting their offensive strategy, increasingly focusing on utilizing tight ends and 12-personnel sub-packages. This shift has diminished the role envisioned for Skowronek, who possesses tight end-like qualities but has struggled to fully exploit them within the Rams' system.

Moreover, the Rams' interest in rookie wide receiver Jordan Whittington from Texas has influenced their decision. Releasing Skowronek allows Whittington more opportunities during training camp, indicating a strategic move to develop new talent.

Skowronek’s potential as a receiver remains promising. If given a starting role, he could realistically achieve over 600 yards and score between 4 to 6 touchdowns, serving effectively as a WR2 or WR3. His versatility and coachability make him an appealing option for teams seeking depth and character in their lineup.

As the Rams continue to refine their offensive approach, their willingness to release Skowronek also reflects a broader strategy of reconfiguring their roster to better align with their evolving tactical objectives. This approach was evident in their previous decisions to part ways with key players like Jalen Ramsey, demonstrating a pattern of strategic realignment.

For Skowronek, the Rams' decision offers him an opportunity to explore new horizons and potentially secure a spot where his talents can be more prominently utilized, ideally with a full training camp to integrate into a new team’s strategy.

As the NFL offseason progresses, his journey will be closely watched by those valuing resilience and adaptability in the high-stakes world of professional football.