James Harden notches triple-double in Nets debut

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James Harden notches triple-double in Nets debut

2018 NBA MVP James Harden made history on Saturday night as he became the first player in NBA history to record a 30-point triple-double in his debut with a team. Harden, who was traded from the Houston Rockets to the Brooklyn Nets this week, dropped 32 points, 14 assists and 12 rebounds in a 122-115 win over the Orlando Magic.

Harden, who requested a trade from the Rockets in the offseason, was visibly happy after changing teams and getting to where he wants to be. "I hope that you can tell by my smile and my play," Harden said after the game, per ESPN.

"Just excited, excited for the opportunity. This is an unbelievable organization from top to bottom. For me, all I have to do is go out there and be the best James Harden I can be and good things will happen."

Harden dropped 32 points but he was unselfish

Harden made more history on Saturday night as he became the first Nets player with 14 assists in his debut with the team.

"I'm a hooper," Harden said. "Like I said, I'm very unselfish. I'm going to do whatever it takes to win. Obviously, KD is like an elite, different kind of basketball player as far as the way he is able to score the basketball.

It's so easy for him, and I know that. I just want to make it a little bit easier if I can. For the rest of our team, our shooters and our bigs -- make it easier for them. So yeah, it was easy out there." Meanwhile, Nets coach Steve Nash was satisfied with what he saw from Harden in his first game with the team.

"I think he's had a strange start to the season," Nash said. ".. He's not at his best condition yet. For him to do as many things as he did on the basketball floor tonight was incredible." The Nets have yet to get Kyrie Irving back, who has been absent for several games now as he stepped away from the team due to personals reasons.

Harden, Irving and Kevin Durant are some of the most talented players in the world and it will be interesting to see if they can coexist together on the floor. "I'm so excited for Ky to get back," Harden said.

"He's a key piece to what we are trying to do. The chemistry, we can build that. The sooner we can be on the court together, it's going to be scary hours."