Former NBA Champ Criticizes Paul George, James Harden for Game 6 Performance

Clippers face setbacks in critical playoff elimination game.

by Nouman Rasool
Former NBA Champ Criticizes Paul George, James Harden for Game 6 Performance
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The LA Clippers, frequently tagged as one of the NBA's most injury-plagued teams, faced yet another setback in their season-ending game against the Dallas Mavericks. Amid high expectations, stars James Harden and Paul George failed to deliver, leading to their team's quiet exit from the playoffs.

The Clippers, having once been pegged by former NBA champion Kendrick Perkins as title favorites, saw their hopes dashed in a decisive Game 6. Perkins didn't mince words post-game, tweeting, "As expected PG and Harden folded like Futons!

But that’s what Futons do… like I said Mavs in 6!!! Carry the hell on…" This season, the Clippers continued to prioritize wing depth and guard play, a strategy evident since the acquisition of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

The team's latest big move was trading for James Harden, which unfortunately resulted in a depleted frontcourt—leaving the Clippers without a single one of their original power forwards.

Clippers' Strategy Falters

While a fully fit Kawhi Leonard might have offset some of these strategic gaps, his absence only highlighted the team's vulnerabilities.

On the court, the Clippers started with PJ Tucker over Amir Coffey, hoping to inject some energy after a lackluster Game 5 performance. However, the strategy initially backfired, and by the first quarter, they trailed 34-26.

Despite a brief rally, where Harden and George spurred a 10-0 run to tie the game, the Clippers could not sustain their momentum. The Mavericks' Kyrie Irving was pivotal, especially in the second half, sinking crucial shots that widened the gap to a daunting 20 points early in the final quarter.

Clippers coach Ty Lue attempted to stem the tide by switching to smaller lineups, but this only compounded their struggles on both ends of the court. With the game slipping away, Dallas maintained control, eventually expanding their lead to a crushing 106-82, effectively ending the Clippers' playoff journey.

As the Clippers regroup for the next season, the pressing question remains: how will they address their glaring roster imbalances and ensure their star players can shine when it matters most? Their ability to bounce back from this disappointing finish will be crucial as they aim to live up to their potential and championship aspirations.

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