Mavs' Luka Doncic upset coach didn't call timeout in critical possession

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Mavs' Luka Doncic upset coach didn't call timeout in critical possession

Dallas Mavericks star guard Luka Doncic was upset that head coach Rick Carlisle didn't call a timeout during a critical possession inside the last minute of the game against the Milwaukee Bucks. Doncic created an open three for guard Trey Burke while the Mavericks were down by two points -- Burke missed but Mavericks center Willey Cauley-Stein got the offensive rebound with 17.7 second remaining.

Cauley-Stein passed the ball to Burke -- who drove the baseline underneath and passed the ball to Mavericks forward Kristaps Porzingis -- who missed a contested three-pointer with 10.4 seconds remaining. Doncic didn't touch the ball after Cauley-Stein's offensive rebound and the possession ended without a scored basket.

After that, Doncic angrily gestured toward the Mavericks bench as he was repeatedly forming a T with his hands to suggest that a timeout should have been called. Doncic finished the game with 29 points, nine rebounds and 13 assists.

"It's Coach's decision, but if we would have made the shot, everything would be good," Doncic acknowledged, per ESPN. ".. But I don't know. It's Coach's decision to call a timeout or no, so I think it's good."

Doncic will keep it all inside the locker room

Doncic noted that everything that potentially gets said between him and coach Carlisle will be kept inside their locker room. "If we talk, we're going to talk," Doncic said.

"It's not going to be in the media. It's between us." Meanwhile, coach Carlisle defended his playcalling. "Look, we got two good shots and we preserved a timeout," Carlisle said. "As a coach, that's all you can hope for in that situation."

Porzingis finished the game with a double-double of 15 points and 10 rebounds but missed a potential game-winner. "There are things I could have done a lot better, and that could have changed a lot in this game," said Porzingis, who felt that he rushed his final shot.

"I want to take a lot of responsibility for this one. "There's got to be a balance. You want to be aggressive, but you want to be aggressive in situations and positions that you're comfortable with. You don't want to always look for it."

Porzingis missed a big shot but coach Carlisle is confident that the Latvian will find his balance. "Put yourself in his shoes," Carlisle said. "The guy desperately wants to help the team. If he was not aggressive, I'd be a lot more concerned."