Former Colorado Player Exits After Being Cut by Deion Sanders' Team

Amazon series highlights upheaval in Buffaloes' defensive ranks.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Former Colorado Player Exits After Being Cut by Deion Sanders' Team
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In a move that underscores the volatile nature of college football careers, Bishop Thomas, the former standout defensive lineman for the Colorado Buffaloes, has decided to enter the transfer portal once again following his recent departure from the team.

This marks the second time Thomas has sought new opportunities elsewhere, having previously transferred to Colorado from Florida State University. During his tenure at Colorado, Thomas was viewed as a crucial asset on defense, with many anticipating a bright future in the NFL, particularly under the guidance of Deion Sanders, the charismatic head coach.

Yet, despite the high expectations, Thomas's journey at Colorado has been fraught with challenges. His relationship with the coaching staff strained over time, leading to his dismissal in late February for a breach of team rules as the 2023 season concluded.

Coach Prime Spotlight

The spotlight on Thomas intensified due to the Amazon Prime series 'Coach Prime,' which documented his transition from FSU and his potential impact on the Buffaloes' defensive lineup. His departure was part of a broader exodus under Sanders' tenure, which has seen an unprecedented overhaul of the roster, with over 70 players entering the transfer portal as the new coaching regime seeks to stamp its authority and vision on the team.

Sanders, known for his straightforward and transformative coaching style, did not shy away from making tough decisions. In the spring of 2023, he openly declared his intentions to reshape the team, emphasizing the recruitment of players aligned with his philosophy from his days at Jackson State.

"You all know that we're going to move on from some of the team members, and we're going to reload and get some kids that we really identify with. So, this process is going to be quick, it's going to be fast, but we're going to get it done," Sanders stated, signaling a new era for the Buffaloes.

Despite the turbulence, Thomas managed to make his mark in the nine games he played last season, recording six tackles and recovering two fumbles over 117 defensive snaps. His journey reflects the broader narrative of college athletes navigating the complex dynamics of sports programs under high-profile leadership.

Recent criticisms have surfaced about Sanders' approach, with some suggesting it has eroded player confidence. This was highlighted when Sanders' son, Shedeur, a star quarterback, controversially dismissed a departing player's impact, tweeting, "Ion even remember him tbh.

Bro had to be very mid at best." This incident has sparked further debate about the culture Sanders is cultivating at Colorado, where performance and personality are both under intense scrutiny.

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