Coach Billy Donovan: Young Bulls don't know how to win yet

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Coach Billy Donovan: Young Bulls don't know how to win yet

Chicago Bulls coach Billy Donovan said his team doesn't know how to win yet after blowing multiple double-digit leads throughout the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Bulls, who had the game in their hands, ended up suffering a narrow 127-125 overtime loss to the Thunder.

The Bulls have now lost four games in a row and they now have a 4-8 record. "This is a hard-working group. It's a good group of guys. They want to win," Donovan said, per ESPN. "They don't know how to. They are learning how to."

Turnovers have been killing the Bulls over the last few games and that's something that has got to change going forward. "It's the same thing for us," Donovan said. "Until we find a way to take care of the basketball, it's so hard to win at this level when you're turning the ball over at the rate we turn it over."

Donovan says the Bulls have only themselves to blame for the loss

Donovan thought the Bulls should have won the game and that they only have themselves to blame for failing to close out the game. "A lot of it is self-induced," Donovan said.

"I thought it was all on us." Zach LaVine, the top star on the Bulls roster, was sensational once again but it didn't result in a win. LaVine scored a game-high 35 points, had seven rebounds and six assists.

"I think we're all at a lot for words on how we played and how we ended the game," a frustrated LaVine said. "We just folded. We straight up folded." Meanwhile, Bulls forward Lauri Markkanen added 16 points along with six rebounds.

"I think we've just got to learn how to win," Markkanen said. LaVine also acknowledged that the Bulls have got to figure out ways to win games when they have a big lead. "You gotta learn how to win a basketball game when you're up by 20," LaVine said.

Meanwhile, coach Donovan acknowledged that nothing comes easy in the NBA. "It is really hard to win in this league if you don't do three things: If you don't win the free throw battle, the rebounding battle and the turnover battle, it's really difficult," Donovan said.

"And for us, we've gotten destroyed in the turnover battle the whole entire year." The Bulls play next the Dallas Mavericks on the road.