Anthony Edwards Heads to Durant Following Timberwolves' Historic Sweep of Suns

Timberwolves Triumph in Playoff Sweep Against Suns.

by Nouman Rasool
Anthony Edwards Heads to Durant Following Timberwolves' Historic Sweep of Suns
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In an electrifying NBA Playoff series, the Minnesota Timberwolves clinched their first series win in two decades and recorded the franchise's inaugural sweep. This historic moment came at the expense of the Phoenix Suns, who succumbed 122-116 in a gripping Game 4, marking their elimination.

Anthony Edwards, the Timberwolves' dynamic guard, delivered a spectacular 40-point performance that overwhelmed the Suns. Despite stellar efforts from Devin Booker, who scored 49 points, and Kevin Durant, who added 33, the Suns couldn't stave off elimination.

Edwards, who has long idolized Durant, shared a telling moment with him on the court, playfully warning, "It won't get that easy no more K." Postgame, Edwards expressed deep respect for Durant, his future USA Basketball teammate.

"It felt great. I got the utmost respect for KD, man. He competes every night," Edwards remarked. Their mutual admiration was evident as they embraced after the game, a testament to their professional and personal bonds. Edwards, visibly moved, shared his long-standing admiration for Durant, "I've watched every last one of his games since I was like five.

I love that guy, man."

Edwards Delivers Promise

Edwards, confident in his team's capabilities, had boldly promised a sweep a vow he fulfilled emphatically. "I told y'all the last time we played, I'm going to kill every damn thing in front of me," he declared post-victory.

"We knew the recipe, and why would we want to go back to Minnesota? They played tough tonight, but shout out to my teammates for their hard work." The Suns' season, laden with high expectations after assembling a championship-caliber team including Durant, Booker, and newly acquired Bradley Beal, ended in dismay.

The Suns had revamped their roster with a blockbuster trade, gaining Beal in exchange for significant assets, including Chris Paul and multiple draft picks. Beal, signing a hefty contract with the Wizards before the trade, suffered his worst scoring season since 2016, culminating in a mere nine points in the decisive Game 4.

Following a Game 3 loss, the Suns faced the ire of their fans, prompting Durant to comment on the tough love. "They expect so much out of us. It's on us as players to use it as fuel," Durant stated, acknowledging the fans' right to express their frustrations.

The Suns, although matching the Timberwolves' intensity in Game 4, failed to push the series further, with Beal reflecting on the unprecedented sweep: "I've never been swept a day in my life. I'll be damned if that happens." His dismay was palpable as he fouled out in the final quarter, marking a disheartening conclusion to both his and the Suns' challenging season.

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