Top 6 NBA Teams with the Longest Losing Streaks Against a Single Opponent

Lakers triumphantly break lengthy losing streak in recent win.

by Nouman Rasool
Top 6 NBA Teams with the Longest Losing Streaks Against a Single Opponent
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The Los Angeles Lakers ended their protracted 11-game losing streak against the Denver Nuggets with a decisive 119-108 victory in Game 4 of the 2024 NBA Playoffs this Saturday. The streak, ranked as the fifth-longest in NBA history, saw the Lakers struggling against the Nuggets through a series of playoff and regular season defeats.

Despite this pivotal win, the Lakers face an uphill battle, trailing the Nuggets 3-1 in the series. Over recent years, several teams have found themselves repeatedly bested by the same opponents, leading to some of the longest losing streaks in the league's history.

Here’s a detailed look at six teams who have endured such challenging stretches. The LA Clippers have dominated the Detroit Pistons in their last 10 encounters. Despite the Pistons holding a historical advantage of 72-54 in their matchups, recent years have seen a shift with the Clippers winning both their 2023-24 regular season games against Detroit.

Lakers' 11-Game Slide

Last season’s 4-0 sweep by the Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals initiated this losing streak for the Lakers. This was followed by four regular season losses and three consecutive playoff defeats this season, culminating in an 11-game slide that the Lakers halted in their recent playoff victory.

The Portland Trail Blazers, who trail the Oklahoma City Thunder 135-120 in their overall encounters, suffered their 12th consecutive loss this season. The Blazers, facing their first season without star player Damian Lillard, finished 15th in the Western Conference.

Another Eastern Conference team, the Charlotte Hornets, have been unable to break their losing streak against the LA Clippers, extending it to 12 games. The Hornets faced off twice against the Clippers this season and were defeated in both games.

Despite promising changes under coach Ime Udoka, the Houston Rockets have fallen short in their last 13 encounters against the Golden State Warriors. The Rockets faced the Warriors three times this season but failed to secure a win in any of these matchups.

The Detroit Pistons also hold a less enviable record: the longest consecutive losing streak in the NBA, losing 28 games in a row. Against the New York Knicks, the Pistons have suffered 15 straight defeats since 2020, marking the longest active losing streak against one team in the Eastern Conference.

These records highlight not only the challenges teams face but also the dynamic nature of competitive sports where today’s underdogs can become tomorrow’s champions.