Nets' Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving wanted to play with James Harden

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Nets' Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving wanted to play with James Harden

Brooklyn Nets general manager Sean Marks revealed he consulted with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving when the team started talking with the Houston Rockets about trading for James Harden. After a 117-100 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers earlier this week, Harden said the Rockets weren't good enough and said the situation there wasn't fixable.

A day later, the Rockets agreed to trade their disgruntled star to the Nets -- a place which Harden put on top of his wish list after requesting a trade in the offseason. "[I was] getting their thoughts and really wanting to hear what their commitment was going to be, what their conviction was," Marks said, per ESPN.

"I enjoyed hearing that conviction, and we've got some time to see how it translates on the court." Durant, Irving and Harden are all one of the best players in the NBA and all of them want to have the ball in their hands.

However, Marks is confident there won't be any issues as he believes the three stars will make it all work well. "At the end of the day, that's what we need to hear," Marks said. "And that's the level of sacrifice and these guys know it.

And each one of these guys is capable of you know, leading a team, being the star player on a team and so forth. And, you know, there will be nights when each one has that opportunity. Maybe two or three have that opportunity on any night."

Durant, Irving and Harden form a superteam with the Nets

"They've said, 'Hey, we want to play together,'" Marks said. "I let them have their own voice -- but I think they understand that there's without a doubt going to be some nights where one or two need to sacrifice for the other and so forth.

I think they're all looking for a common goal. We're all looking for that common goal." The Nets gave up a number of picks to acquire Harden but Marks insists he will still find ways to get the team better. "We're not bankrupt right now," Marks said.

"There's still multiple ways to build and we will continue to build with or without the picks we may or may not have now. "We also need to capitalize on the window and what's in front of us right now." The Nets currently own a 7-6 record.