Doc Rivers on Bucks Post-Giannis Injury: 'Concern is High'

Bucks Face New Challenge Amid Antetokounmpo's Sudden Injury

by Nouman Rasool
Doc Rivers on Bucks Post-Giannis Injury: 'Concern is High'
© Stacy Revere/Getty Images

In a pivotal clash with the league-leading Boston Celtics, the Milwaukee Bucks secured a notable 104-91 victory on Tuesday. Despite the win that should have been a cause for celebration, concern quickly mounted over the health of the Bucks’ star, Giannis Antetokounmpo, following a worrying leg injury that saw him leave the game prematurely.

During the third quarter, with the Bucks leading and looking to snap a four-game skid, Antetokounmpo experienced a non-contact injury that forced him off the court. The incident, which occurred with less than four minutes on the clock, saw the eight-time All-Star collapse without any engagement from another player, immediately grabbing his lower left leg in distress.

The immediate response saw teammates Brook Lopez and Thanasis Antetokounmpo assist Giannis off the court, though he managed to walk back to the locker room on his own, signifying a glimmer of hope. Bucks' head coach Doc Rivers later confirmed that Antetokounmpo was taken for further testing, including an MRI on his left calf, to assess the extent of the injury.

When pressed about the level of concern surrounding Antetokounmpo's injury, Rivers didn’t hold back, expressing significant worry but also hope, given the resilience Giannis has shown throughout his career. “High.

I would say that. But he’s Giannis. We’re just going to hope for the best,” Rivers remarked, echoing the anxious sentiments of the Bucks' fanbase and NBA enthusiasts alike.

Bucks' Playoff Hurdle

The injury's timing could not be more critical as the Bucks, now holding a 48-31 record, vie to secure their position in the Eastern Conference with only three regular-season games remaining.

The victory over the Celtics gives them a slender one-game lead over the New York Knicks for the second spot, underscoring the potential impact of Antetokounmpo’s health on their playoff aspirations. Damian Lillard, who was on the court when the incident happened, noted Giannis’s attempt to bear weight on his leg, a sight that offered a brief moment of relief amidst the uncertainty.

“I saw him put weight on it. So I was like, ‘Alright. It seems stronger than what I was thinking,’” Lillard shared, capturing the mix of hope and concern that now hangs over the Bucks as they await further news on their leading star's condition.

As the Bucks navigate this challenging moment, the focus shifts to the medical team’s findings and Giannis Antetokounmpo’s path to recovery. The basketball world watches on, hoping for positive news that will not only see one of the game's brightest talents return to the court but also ensure the Milwaukee Bucks remain formidable contenders as the playoffs approach.