LeBron to Team Up with Bronny? NBA Rumors Swirl as Lakers Eye Hawks Guards Post-Draft

Speculation mounts as Lakers set sights on dynamic duo.

by Nouman Rasool
LeBron to Team Up with Bronny? NBA Rumors Swirl as Lakers Eye Hawks Guards Post-Draft
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Amidst the buzz of the 2024 NBA draft, the spotlight has intensified on Bronny James, who recently declared his entry, stirring a whirlwind of speculation among fans and analysts alike. The overarching narrative? A potential historic pairing at the Los Angeles Lakers: the legendary LeBron James playing alongside his son, Bronny.

However, the chatter doesn't stop at the mere possibility of this familial duo gracing the court together. Trade rumors are now swirling, suggesting the Lakers' ambition to fortify their roster, aiming for another championship title to honor LeBron James' illustrious career.

Lakers' Bold Strategy

A recent scoop from Lakers Daily highlights the speculation that the Lakers are eyeing key acquisitions from the Atlanta Hawks—namely, Trae Young or Dejounte Murray. The intention? To assemble a powerhouse team featuring both James and his progeny for the 2024-25 season.

Fans are abuzz on social media, deliberating on the feasibility and implications of such moves. One Twitter user, @NYCDaFuture_, boldly posits that LeBron is prepared to align with whichever team drafts his son, suggesting that snagging Dejounte Murray would be a strategic play if LeBron were to exit the Lakers.

This off-season rumor mill has stirred diverse reactions. Discussions abound regarding potential trade assets and key players to retain. Tweets range from proposals of trading Austin Reaves for Murray, to debates on the value of D'Angelo Russell versus Dejounte Murray.

The community is divided, with some fans dreaming big—envisioning both Murray and Young donning Lakers jerseys—while others call for a reality check on the logistics and fairness of such trades. Peering into the contractual landscape, Trae Young is locked into a hefty contract with the Hawks, commanding at least $43 million annually over the next three years.

Dejounte Murray, on a relatively lighter note, is due at least $25 million per season under his current contract. For the Lakers to entertain the idea of adding such substantial contracts to their payroll, significant roster adjustments would be inevitable.

Given the salary cap jigsaw, the team would likely need to part ways with key players like Russell, Hachimura, and Reaves, whose combined salaries could theoretically make room for one of the Hawks' guards. While acquiring both Young and Murray remains a fantastical scenario, securing one appears within the realm of possibility.

With mid-season rumors hinting at Murray's potential availability, the Lakers might just find a way to make a splashy addition to their squad. As the draft approaches, all eyes are on the Lakers' front office to see if they can pull off a move that not only brings Bronny to LA but also adds another star to LeBron's final championship pursuits.

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