Pitt Freshman Guard Carlton Carrington Eyes NBA Draft Entry

Pitt's Rising Star Takes His Game to the NBA.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Pitt Freshman Guard Carlton Carrington Eyes NBA Draft Entry
© Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Carlton "Bub" Carrington, the Pittsburgh Panthers' freshman sensation, declared his intentions to embark on a professional career by entering the 2024 NBA Draft. This news emerged on a crisp Wednesday morning, leaving fans and teammates alike contemplating the future of Pitt's dynamic Men's Basketball Team.

Under the guidance of Head Coach Jeff Capel, Carrington experienced a meteoric rise, culminating in a season that can only be described as phenomenal. "Bub's outstanding performance this year has undoubtedly positioned him as a strong candidate for the first round of the draft," Coach Capel shared.

The ongoing dialogue between Carrington, his family, and the Pitt coaching staff reflects a unanimous support for his decision.

Capel Supports Carrington

Capel praised Carrington's exceptional talent and potential, emphasizing that the young guard and his family will forever remain integral to the Pitt Basketball family.

The coach's anticipation to follow Carrington's professional journey reflects not only personal support but also a program's pride in its nurtured talent. Carrington's remarkable freshman year stats—averaging 13.5 points, five rebounds, and four assists per game—set him apart as a rare talent.

This performance aligns him with a select group of eight freshmen who have posted similar numbers, with seven among them securing top 15 picks in the NBA Draft. Carrington's decision, influenced by family discussions and a lifelong NBA dream, was shared via a heartfelt social media statement.

He expressed gratitude towards Pitt's nurturing environment, which played a pivotal role in his development and decision-making process. As Carrington prepares to transition to the professional stage, his departure marks a significant moment for Pitt's program under Coach Capel's leadership.

He becomes the second player to forgo remaining NCAA eligibility for the NBA, underscoring the program's ability to develop NBA-ready talent. Carrington's move not only highlights his personal journey and aspirations but also shines a light on Pitt's contribution to his growth, setting a precedent for future talents aspiring to make their mark in the NBA.