David Pollack Hails Caitlin Clark in Three Words: 'She isn't human'

Iowa's Caitlin Clark dazzles in a stunning basketball showcase.

by Nouman Rasool
David Pollack Hails Caitlin Clark in Three Words: 'She isn't human'
© Andy Lyons/Getty Images

In a captivating display of skill and determination, Iowa's very own Caitlin Clark dominated the court during Monday's victory against the LSU Tigers, propelling her team into the spotlight of the Final Four. The remarkable athlete, known for her consistency and prowess, once again proved why she's considered one of the best in college basketball, delivering a performance that will be remembered for ages.

Clark, the Hawkeyes' sensation, was a force to be reckoned with, amassing an impressive 41 points, distributing 12 assists, and securing 7 rebounds. Her all-around game was more than the LSU Tigers, led by Angel Reese and coached by Kim Mulkey, could handle, ultimately sealing their fate and advancing the Hawkeyes to the next stage of the tournament.

Clark's Transcendent Magic

The nation, glued to their screens, watched as Clark weaved her magic on the court, a sentiment echoed by David Pollack, a revered former college GameDay personality and All-American during his tenure at Georgia.

Pollack, taking to social media, couldn't contain his amazement at Clark's performance. His post, succinct yet powerful, captured the essence of what many were thinking: "CAITLIN CLARK! That’s the tweet. She isn’t human!" This statement, a testament to Clark's extraordinary abilities, highlights just how transcendent her performance was.

Pollack's reaction mirrors that of basketball enthusiasts and casual viewers alike, all of whom were left in awe of Clark's seemingly supernatural talent. "She isn't human," Pollack remarked, a fitting description for an athlete whose performances continue to defy expectations and elevate her status not just within college basketball, but in the broader sports landscape.

As the Iowa Hawkeyes set their sights on the Final Four, it's clear that Caitlin Clark is not just playing the game; she's redefining it. Her ability to consistently deliver high-caliber performances has captivated audiences nationwide, solidifying her place as one of the most dynamic and influential players in college basketball today.