Favor Saves Reebok CEO: Allen Iverson's Role in Todd Krinsky's Rise

Reebok CEO's Career Saved by Iverson's Last-Minute Decision.

by Nouman Rasool
Favor Saves Reebok CEO: Allen Iverson's Role in Todd Krinsky's Rise
© Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Actively Black

In a twist of fate that could have altered the trajectory of his career, Todd Krinsky, current President and CEO of Reebok, narrowly escaped dismissal over two decades ago, all thanks to a dramatic intervention involving NBA luminary Allen Iverson.

The incident, which unfolded during the 2000 NBA All-Star Game, nearly derailed Krinsky's ascent to the top of the sportswear giant. Krinsky, who assumed the helm at Reebok in September 2022, found himself in dire straits when Iverson, the marquee athlete associated with Reebok, reneged on a prearranged agreement to showcase a new colorway of his signature shoe during the prestigious event.

Despite assurances from Iverson earlier on, Krinsky was blindsided when the basketball icon opted to don a different pair of kicks during the game's warm-ups.

Krinsky's Desperate Intervention

Faced with the looming threat of termination, Krinsky resorted to a bold maneuver, enlisting the help of Iverson's mother, Ann Iverson, whom he believed held sway over her son's decisions.

In a candid revelation during an interview with B/R Kicks, Krinsky recounted his desperate plea to Ann, emphasizing the stakes at hand: "I'm like you, I'm gonna get fired, man... You gotta do me a favor, they're going to fire me, you got to do something." Despite Krinsky's efforts, Iverson ultimately eschewed the yellow and blue colorway of The Question signature shoes, opting instead for a black variant of his latest release, The Answer 3.

Nevertheless, Krinsky managed to retain his position, and Reebok proceeded with the launch of the unreleased colorway, which garnered unexpected acclaim among sneaker enthusiasts and swiftly sold out. This episode underscored the pivotal role played by Iverson in propelling Reebok's prominence within the sneaker industry.

Krinsky's association with the basketball prodigy dates back to a fortuitous encounter five years prior when he and colleague Que Gaskins first laid eyes on Iverson during an NCAA game. Reflecting on the pivotal moment, Gaskins remarked, "That's the one!" Despite the near-miss setback in 2000, Iverson's enduring partnership with Reebok proved instrumental in shaping the careers of Krinsky and Gaskins, catapulting them to corporate acclaim.

While Krinsky now steers the helm at Reebok, Gaskins presides over THINK450, underscoring the enduring impact of Iverson's legacy within the sportswear landscape.