Lonzo Ball, LaMelo Ball set to face off for first time on NBA court

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Lonzo Ball, LaMelo Ball set to face off for first time on NBA court

New Orleans Pelicans guard Lonzo Ball is set to face off against his brother LaMelo Ball for the first time on an NBA court. Lonzo arrived to the league in 2017 after being selected at No. 2 by the Los Angeles Lakers, while LaMelo was taken at No.

3 by the Charlotte Hornets in this past NBA draft. "I think it's going to be a lot of fun," Lonzo said ahead of facing LaMelo, per ESPN. "This is our first time matching up in a real game. ... I think it just shows that all the hard work paid off.

We're really close, we grew up together doing the same thing even though he's younger than I am." LaMelo said he and Lonzo have a history of tough clashes against each other in their backyard. "That's probably the most competitive basketball I've been in -- in the backyard, back there fighting, scrapping, falling on concrete, playing hella hard," LaMelo said.

"Parents getting scared when their kids go back there. It was a whole lot. Just something you had to witness, for real."

Ball brothers have nothing but love for each other

"It's all love. That's my brother," LaMelo said.

"We grew up together. You know our pops has us real close. We spent every day together. Pretty much talk to each other all the time now. He's still my brother at the end of the day." Lonzo entered the league with enormous expectations but he failed to live up to those expectations during his days with the Lakers.

Lonzo is now the starting guard for the Pelicans and he appears to be finding his place in the league. "Yeah, everybody has to find their own way," said Lonzo, who is playing in his fourth NBA season. "Obviously I went the more traditional route.

He didn't. But at the end of the day, we both ended up where we wanted to be. Hard work definitely pays off. No matter who you are, if you put your mind to something you could do it. I really believe that. It worked for me. It worked for him."

The Ball brothers have set high goals as they hope to be Hall of Famers. "The goals and everything has always been the same," LaMelo said. "We knew we were going to the league, be successful in the league and be Hall of Famers. That's what we're working for now."