Dubai starts playing the European ABA League: The ultimate goal is the Euroleague

We have interesting news coming from Europe, Dubai is starting to play in the European basketball ABA league, they are planning big investments and entering the Euroleague (the strongest competition in Europe)

by Sededin Dedovic
Dubai starts playing the European ABA League: The ultimate goal is the Euroleague
© Warren Little / Getty Images

Starting next season, the regional basketball competition will experience a significant expansion with the introduction of Dubai into the ABA League (Adriatic Basketball Association). This surprising decision was passed at the recent session held by the clubs participating in the ABA League, with only one vote against.

According to unofficial information, Partizan from Belgrade did not support the entry of Dubai, while another club from Montenegro was not present at the meeting. Just a week before this event, no final agreement was reached at a meeting in Zagreb on the entry of a new team into the league.

This resulted in a message being sent to club owners from the Emirates that they have seven days to make a final decision. At today's Assembly, nine teams voted for the entry of Dubai, which marks a significant step towards major changes in regional and European basketball.

But their main goal is to play in the Euroleague, which is like the NBA league of the European continent.

Dubai plans to enter the Euroleague

It is expected that Dubai's entry into the regional league will open the door to cooperation with the Euroleague.

It is planned that they will first play in the Eurocup for one season, and after that they will have a guaranteed place in the Euroleague. These plans should bring significant financial benefits to basketball clubs across Europe, given the expectation that the United Arab Emirates will invest significant funds in competitions in which their team will participate.

Although the team can qualify to play in European competitions through the ABA League, the reactions of the strongest teams in Europe will be interesting. As for the ABA league itself, the presence of a club that does not geographically belong to the region is not uncommon.

In the past, clubs like Maccabi from Tel Aviv, Levska, Nimbruk or Solnok played in the ABA league. There was even interest from Greek giants like Olympiakos and Panathinaikos to join the league. These clubs threatened to move to the ABA league if they were not satisfied with the treatment they received in their domestic competitions.

Additionally, this expansion with Dubai shows that the ABA League continues to attract the attention and interest of the wider basketball world.