Ja Morant Reviews New 'Citrus' Nike Ja 1s Ahead of Release

Morant's Sneakers Stir Buzz with New Colorway Tease.

by Zain ul Abedin
Ja Morant Reviews New 'Citrus' Nike Ja 1s Ahead of Release
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Despite only participating in nine games this season, Ja Morant continues to captivate the NBA audience as one of its most discussed figures. Morant's season was cut short due to a shoulder injury in January, following a brief return from suspension.

While his presence on the court has been missed, the anticipation around his upcoming footwear, the Nike Ja 1s, has kept fans engaged. The sneaker community has been abuzz with the first glimpses of the Nike Ja 1s, particularly the 'Citrus' colorway, which showcases a distinctive mismatched theme.

One sneaker boasts a vibrant orange dreamsicle hue, and the other, a refreshing mint green. This unique combination has sparked considerable interest, despite Nike's history of diverse releases for the Ja 1s; the 'Citrus' edition remains shrouded in mystery, with details about its launch scarce.

The lack of information has only heightened the excitement among NBA enthusiasts, who are keenly waiting for the release date. In a subtle yet telling move, Morant recently expressed his enthusiasm for the new colorway through a cryptic pair of emojis, fueling speculation and approval among his followers.

Beyond 'Citrus': Collegiate Hues

In addition to the 'Citrus' variant, social media has also spotlighted a Baylor University-inspired colorway in green and yellow, catching the attention of Morant's teammate, Desmond Bane.

Bane's playful inquiry about a TCU-themed version prompted a suggestive emoji response from Morant, hinting at more collegiate-themed designs on the horizon. Morant's collaboration with Nike has been a journey of excitement and anticipation.

In an interview with Andscape earlier, he shared the challenges of maintaining secrecy about the sneaker designs and expressed eagerness for their official release. Morant's unwavering preference for Nike, despite other brands' interest, underscores his loyalty and vision for his signature line.

As the NBA community eagerly awaits the release of the 'Citrus' Nike Ja 1s, Morant's influence extends beyond the basketball court, solidifying his status as a trendsetter in the sneaker world. Although fans may not witness Morant donning the new colorway in action this season, the anticipation suggests a highly successful launch, further cementing his legacy both as an athlete and a brand ambassador.

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