Renowned Artist Honors Shohei Ohtani with 'LA Rising' Mural in Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo to celebrate Ohtani with monumental art tribute.

by Nouman Rasool
Renowned Artist Honors Shohei Ohtani with 'LA Rising' Mural in Little Tokyo
© Chris Coduto/Getty Images

Shohei Ohtani, once the pride of the LA Angels, has transcended his status to become a global sports icon since joining their city rivals. His record-breaking $700 million contract not only dominated the off-season headlines but also solidified his place as a sports legend.

Ohtani's unparalleled talent and modest demeanor have endeared him to fans worldwide, with his popularity in Japan rivaling that of Michael Jordan's peak in the U.S., a sentiment echoed strongly in Los Angeles.

Ohtani Mural Unveiling

In a grand gesture of admiration, the Miyako Hotel in Los Angeles' Little Tokyo District is set to unveil a monumental mural of Ohtani on its exterior, celebrating his near-mythical status.

Esteemed artist Robert Vargas has undertaken this artistic tribute, beginning his work on March 8, with the grand reveal scheduled for March 27. This unveiling is strategically set a day before the Dodgers' Opening Day, amplifying the anticipation for the new season.

The mural, aptly named "LA Rising," stands as a symbol of hope for the Dodgers' fans, eagerly awaiting their team's triumphant return to the pinnacle of World Series glory. Vargas, in a recent statement, shared his enthusiasm for the project, highlighting the mural as a focal point for baseball fans to unite in their love for the game and their city.

He expressed his gratitude towards the Miyako Hotel for providing him with the opportunity to showcase this tribute to Ohtani and the Dodgers on such a grand scale. Ohtani recently grabbed headlines during a Spring Training game against his former team, the LA Angels.

Despite the competitive nature of the encounter, the camaraderie between Ohtani and his ex-teammates, particularly Mike Trout, remained strong. The game concluded with the Angels securing a 4-0 victory, but all eyes were on Ohtani, who graciously addressed the media post-game, reflecting on the warmth and nostalgia of reuniting with his former colleagues.

As the countdown to Opening Day narrows, the anticipation surrounding the Dodgers and Ohtani continues to build. The unveiling of the "LA Rising" mural not only celebrates a remarkable athlete but also heralds the beginning of what fans hope to be a dominant era for the Dodgers in Major League Baseball.

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