Damian Lillard Surprises Bucks Teammates with Tissot Watches

Lillard's Luxurious Gesture Unites Bucks Team.

by Nouman Rasool
Damian Lillard Surprises Bucks Teammates with Tissot Watches
© Michael Reaves/Getty Images

In an act of generosity that mirrored his on-court moniker, Damian Lillard, affectionately known in the basketball world as "Dame Time," recently surprised his Milwaukee Bucks teammates with a thoughtful gift. As the team prepared to embark on their journey to confront the Golden State Warriors this past Wednesday, Lillard presented them with luxurious gold Tissot watches.

This grand gesture unfolded as they boarded their plane, ready for their next battle on the court. Lillard's connection to Tissot extends beyond mere ambassadorship; in 2021, he solidified his partnership with the prestigious Swiss watchmaker, culminating in the release of his first signature timepiece this February.

The PRX Powermatic 80, a marvel of horological engineering, features a sleek stainless steel yellow gold strap that encapsulates Lillard's elegant and bold style. Moreover, the watch is personalized with details uniquely significant to Lillard, making it a piece that transcends timekeeping.

Lillard's Signature Timepiece

A standout feature of this exquisite watch is the second hand, which proudly bears Lillard's monogram, symbolizing his imprint on the game and on time itself. The watch's transparent case back is equally impressive, showcasing an engraved depiction of Lillard performing his iconic "Dame Time" celebration, a testament to his clutch performances in critical moments.

The face of the watch is meticulously designed, with "Dame" and "time" strategically placed on the top left and right corners, respectively, while "DDKK" adorns the bottom right corner, a tribute to the initials of Lillard and his children.

Completing this intricate design, the bottom left corner features the acronym "YKWTII," standing for "You Know What Time It Is," a phrase that has become synonymous with Lillard's game-changing moments. Lillard's inaugural season with the Bucks has been nothing short of impressive, with the star guard averaging 24.5 points per game.

His recent gesture of gifting Tissot watches to his teammates not only underscores his leadership and camaraderie but also solidifies his status as a pivotal figure in the NBA, both on and off the court. As the Bucks continue their quest for dominance in the league, Lillard's presence and contributions are undoubtedly felt, not just in points, but in moments of unity and shared success.

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