Larry Bird Explains Support for Ron Artest, Lance Stephenson: Cites Own Past

Exploring Larry Bird's Impactful Role Beyond the Court.

by Nouman Rasool
Larry Bird Explains Support for Ron Artest, Lance Stephenson: Cites Own Past
© Brian Ach/Getty Images for Converse

In his tenure beyond the basketball court, NBA legend Larry Bird took on significant roles within the Indiana Pacers organization, both as a coach and an executive. During this period, Bird became known not just for his strategic acumen but also for his dedication to mentoring players who, like Ron Artest and Lance Stephenson, showed immense potential albeit amid controversies.

Bird openly acknowledged his empathy towards players with troubled backgrounds, attributing his understanding to his own youthful indiscretions. In a candid reflection, he shared how his journey was marked by challenges and immaturities he had to navigate through.

Bird's personal evolution was facilitated by the second chances extended to him, an ethos he chose to embody in his professional capacity with the Pacers. "Looking back, it seems I did have a soft spot for such players," Bird remarked in a discussion with in 2013.

His belief in the power of second chances was a guiding principle in his approach to mentorship, though he admitted to drawing the line at repeated transgressions.

Bird's Leadership Legacy

Bird's tenure with the Pacers, which included coaching from 1997 to 2000 and later serving as the president of basketball operations from 2003, was characterized by a hands-on leadership style.

His commitment to the franchise and its players was evident in the close relationships he developed, notably with Stephenson and Artest. Donnie Walsh, a Pacers executive at the time, noted Bird's particular interest in Stephenson, praising Larry's efforts to foster his development.

The respect and gratitude from players like Artest underscore Bird's impact, highlighting his role not just as a basketball icon but as a mentor and human being. Bird's Indiana roots deepened his connection to the Pacers, and his readiness to support the team, even to the extent of wishing he could join them on the court, underscores his unwavering dedication to the franchise.

Bird's journey with the Pacers, especially his interactions with Artest and Stephenson, exemplifies a broader narrative of redemption and mentorship in sports. Through his actions, Bird has underscored the importance of giving back and supporting others, a legacy that extends far beyond his basketball achievements, affirming his status as a revered figure in the NBA and beyond.