Suns Overcome Nuggets in OT: Mixed Reactions to Dramatic Turn from 4th Quarter

Suns' overtime triumph ends Nuggets' winning streak.

by Nouman Rasool
Suns Overcome Nuggets in OT: Mixed Reactions to Dramatic Turn from 4th Quarter
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In a thrilling showdown that left fans on the edge of their seats, the Phoenix Suns pulled off a remarkable 117-107 victory in overtime against the Denver Nuggets, halting their impressive six-game winning streak this Tuesday.

The game was a rollercoaster of emotions and fortunes as both teams squandered significant leads at different points, but it was the Suns who emerged victorious with a decisive 15-5 run in overtime.

Overtime Decider Drama

The match was characterized by dramatic shifts in momentum, notably in the fourth quarter where Phoenix’s performance dipped alarmingly.

Scoring a mere 12 points, the Suns relinquished a 22-point lead, setting the stage for a tense finale. In contrast, the Nuggets faltered when it mattered most, losing a 3-point advantage in the final 46 seconds. Kevin Durant's clutch step-back three-pointer with 27 seconds remaining tied the game, pushing it into overtime.

Phoenix's struggle in the fourth quarter was stark, with the team managing only five field goals from 24 attempts and enduring a scoring drought of over five minutes. However, Durant's timely scoring, including a crucial midrange jumper and later contributions, dragged the Suns into overtime.

There, they dominated, kicking off with an 8-0 run that effectively sealed their victory, shooting an impressive 6 of 7 during this critical stretch. The game elicited strong reactions from fans, particularly on social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter), where one user lamented the "4th quarter suns might be the worst viewing experience oat." This sentiment was echoed in numerous other reactions, highlighting the game's dramatic shifts in performance and outcome.

Despite the win, the Suns' consistent struggles in the fourth quarter remain a concern. They rank 30th in the league offensively in the final 12 minutes with a 103.5 rating and have one of the worst defensive records during this period.

Their reliance on stars like Devin Booker, Bradley Beal, and Kevin Durant has been tested, particularly with injuries and inefficiencies plaguing their performances. The absence of a dedicated point guard has been felt, raising questions about their playoff viability in the highly competitive Western Conference.

This victory over the Nuggets showcased the Suns' resilience but also highlighted areas needing urgent attention as the playoffs approach. With the Western Conference's fierce competition, Phoenix's ability to maintain early leads and close out games will be critical to their success.

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