Djokovic Cheers Jokic, Sports $29K Watch as Joker Overshadows LeBron's Milestone

Tennis icon meets basketball star in a memorable encounter.

by Nouman Rasool
Djokovic Cheers Jokic, Sports $29K Watch as Joker Overshadows LeBron's Milestone
© Denis Doyle/Getty Images

In an electrifying encounter at the Arena on Saturday, the Denver Nuggets triumphed over the LA Lakers with a score of 124-114, overshadowing LeBron James' landmark achievement of 40,000 career points. Amidst the high-stakes NBA showdown, a notable courtside presence was tennis icon Novak Djokovic, who was there to cheer on his fellow Serb, Nikola Jokic, also known as "The Joker".

The camaraderie between Djokovic and Jokic was palpable, marked by a friendly exchange that captured the attention of fans.

Djokovic's Stylish Courtside Loo

World No. 1 tennis star Djokovic, celebrated for his 24 Grand Slam titles, brought his own flair to the event, donning a sleek black jacket, white t-shirt, and black trousers, complemented by pristine white sneakers.

However, it was his choice of accessory that turned heads—a luxurious $29,000 Audemars Piguet watch. This sophisticated timepiece, known for its minimalist design, features an automatic calibre 4401 movement and boasts a 70-hour reserve time.

The game itself was a nail-biter, with Jokic leading the Nuggets to victory by contributing an impressive 35 points and 10 rebounds. Teammates Michael Porter Jr. and Jamal Murray also made significant contributions, ensuring a win against the formidable Lakers.

Despite a strong performance from LeBron James, who scored 26 points and nine assists, and Rui Hachimura, the Lakers could not clinch the victory. Jokic, reflecting on his relationship with Djokovic, expressed deep admiration for the tennis champion, highlighting his role as a Serbian ambassador and his philanthropic efforts through his foundation.

Jokic emphasized that Djokovic's impact extends beyond sports, inspiring many in Serbia and around the world. This season, Jokic has been in exceptional form, making a strong case for another MVP title with averages of 25.9 points, 12.2 rebounds, and 9.2 assists per game.

His recent performances have placed him alongside Russell Westbrook as the only players since 1997-98 to achieve a triple-double before the fourth quarter in at least four consecutive games. The Nuggets' victory over the Lakers has solidified their position in third place in the standings, with a 42-19 record.

As the season progresses, both Jokic and the Nuggets aim for continued success, potentially leading to back-to-back championships.