Kyle Lowry suggests struggling Raptors are not getting old respect from opponents

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Kyle Lowry suggests struggling Raptors are not getting old respect from opponents

Toronto Raptors star guard Kyle Lowry thinks the Raptors need to regain their swagger and the respect of their opponents. The Raptors, who won their first NBA title in 2019, have gotten off to a rough start to this season as they stand at 1-5.

On Monday, the Raptors picked up their second consecutive loss as they lost to the Boston Celtics on their home field. Lowry posted 18 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists in a 126-114 loss to the Celtics. "We just need to get a little bit grittier, get a little bit tougher and a little bit nastier, and have a little bit of a swagger to us," Lowry said after the game, per ESPN.

"Right now, we have no swagger to us. "We have nothing. There's nothing to us. Teams are looking at us like, 'All right, let's go eat' ... That's not a good feeling."

Fred VanVleet had the same thoughts as Lowry

VanVleet scored a team-high 35 points but even that wasn't enough for the Raptors to beat the Celtics.

VanVleet acknowledged that no one is sorry for the Raptors and that they need to find a way to regain their old form. "This is probably uncharted territory for most of us," VanVleet said. "Just speaking for myself, I've never been a part of something like this.

But we can't hang our heads. No one's feeling sorry for us. "There's no secret recipe. There's a boatload of problems and we gotta find ways to solve them." Raptors head coach Nick Nurse thought his guys were able to create chances but they just couldn't capitalize.

"We're having a tough time," Nurse said. "Like, we missed so many layups. And we cannot make an and-1, either. Some of those fouls real early, and you're continuing on to a wide-open layup, and they're rolling off, so just finishing in general really hurt us.

"We did get there a lot tonight. We got to the free throw line a lot tonight. But we just didn't make enough. We've got to get tougher, man. Got to play through some slaps and hits. Got to play through some bumps. Got to make those when you get that deep in there.

That's it." Celtics star forward Jayson Tatum absolutely dominated the Raptors as he scored a game-high 40 points. The Raptors will be hoping to end their losing streak when they meet the Phoenix Suns next.