A's Secure Union Approval for 2024 Revenue Sharing: What this means for Las Vegas?

Oakland A's Navigate New Path in MLB Relocation Saga

by Nouman Rasool
A's Secure Union Approval for 2024 Revenue Sharing: What this means for Las Vegas?
© Greg Doherty

It's a game-changer for Major League Baseball and the Oakland A's as far as this will be the first year that the team will have to receive revenue sharing without a new Las Vegas ballpark being locked down by an earlier deadline.

The move was reaffirmed by Steve Hill, CEO and President of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and is yet another signal sent from Major League Baseball and the players' association to strengthen the flexibility around a blueprint crafted for relocation by the Oakland Athletics.

The framework undoubtedly did not take the form of a deal-supported definition that had to be made by the specific deadline set by the lockout. The ruling thus paves the way for the Athletics to proceed with their move to set up shop in Las Vegas, so long as several important hurdles are yet to be crossed with the relocation process.

Nevada's Bold Stadium Move

The Nevada Legislature took a bold move last June in sanctioning $380 million in public funds towards building a new stadium, costing over $1.5 billion and positioned on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

It will host an all-star game in the year 2023 and the stadium received unanimous backing by Major League Baseball owners in another very strong endorsement of the move just last month. But Major League Baseball and the players' association have opted so far just to ignore the question, sticking with the labor deal.

The contract itself has a condition spelled out that the Athletics would lose eligibility for revenue sharing in 2024 if they do not have in place a binding agreement for a new stadium by the 15th day of January 2024. This recent approval, therefore, represents important point for the Athletics, who would miss eligibility for revenue sharing, and puts before themselves and the MLB community in general an earnest spirit in which to enter into this very complex process of relocation and construction of a stadium.

Now, it has become a landmark development, not only for Athletics but also for the city of Las Vegas as a placement in the sports tapestry for a major league team, further solidifying its position on the world stage as a major host of sporting spectacles.