Who Are the Top 5 ACC Stars Shining in the NBA Draft Spotlight?

Exploring the rise of a promising ACC standout

by Nouman Rasool
Who Are the Top 5 ACC Stars Shining in the NBA Draft Spotlight?
© Mike Ehrmann

With just four months remaining until the June 26 NBA Draft, soon college basketball plays are making their way to their climaxes. That is a great moment to present the prime prospects from the ACC conference for the 2024 NBA Draft.

What ensues indicates how the top ACC players could set the table to become first-round draft picks if they wish to declare by March 2. Topping that list is Kyle Filipowski, Duke's center whose improvement from his freshman season was like night and day, after which he was rewarded with the ACC Rookie of the Year and MVP in the ACC Tournament.

Opting for surgery last year before entering the draft, Filipowski came back stronger than ever, displaying drastic changes in an improved scoring ability, efficiency, assists, and blocks. His play has been central to the Duke fortune and is thereby marked for a key opponent in the second-ranked team in the league.

His basket-finishing skills could definitely use a boost, but his smoothness in ball handling and a 36.3 percentage from three-point range through January and February is eye-catching.

Kyshawn George's Potential

Another well-deserved mention goes to Kyshawn George, a prospect who seems to redefine the definition "upside play." Quite raw, shooting 41.3% from behind the arc on average 4.3 attempts per ball game this season speaks of volumes of the potential George presents himself moving forward.

Dunn's defense is widely viewed as one of the best aspects among all his classmates and possibly within this year's class overall. His offense is a different story, as ACC play saw him make only 22.2 percent from downtown.

Wake Forest guard Hunter Sallis is his senior self again after transferring from Gonzaga, averaging 19.2 points per game over 16 ACC games while hitting on 48.2 percent of his threes. Duke's shooting guard Jared McCain, who managed to play in critical minutes when his team needed him every time, shows up when he has 14.5 PPG in the ACC season, just adding more to its reputation.

These players will grow and shine, showing their abilities over the next season, yet staying out in front of the line for potential future NBA prospects out of the ACC in 2024 with a little something to tantalize each scout.