UCLA Crowd Chants "Overrated" and "Who's Your Daddy" at Bronny James

Bronny James faces hurdles in his collegiate basketball journey.

by Nouman Rasool
UCLA Crowd Chants "Overrated" and "Who's Your Daddy" at Bronny James
© Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

In a high-stakes face-off at the University of California, Los Angeles, USC Trojans' guard Bronny James became the center of attention not just for his gameplay but also for the intense crowd reactions. During the game held on Saturday, February 24, in Los Angeles, Bronny was met with a wave of "overrated" and "who's your daddy" chants as he stepped onto the court against the UCLA Bruins.

Despite the raucous reception, James and his team had the ultimate triumph, securing a 62-56 victory, thanks in large part to Boogie Ellis' standout 24-point performance. Bronny James, less than five months after a harrowing cardiac arrest incident, has been showcasing his skills on the NCAA platform since his debut on December 10, 2023.

With 19 games under his belt, James is delivering solid averages of 5.5 points, 2.5 assists, and 2.8 rebounds over 20.2 minutes per game, coming off the bench. His gameplay has been reflective of the high expectations set for him, demonstrating a keen basketball IQ, formidable perimeter defense, and the ability to invigorate his team's dynamics.

Bronny's Shooting Challenge

However, James' journey in college basketball has spotlighted an area ripe for improvement—his three-point shooting, which currently stands at a 27.5% success rate. Enhancing this aspect could significantly bolster his prospects for the NBA Draft.

For now, the 19-year-old prodigy remains committed to propelling the 11-16 Trojans towards a spot in the March Madness tournament. This isn't the first instance of Bronny being on the receiving end of "overrated" chants; a narrative that has followed him since his high school tenure at Sierra Canyon.

The spotlight, partly inherited from his father, LeBron James, and partly fueled by media fascination, has made him a frequent target for opposing fans. Yet, Bronny James' response to such adversities has been nothing short of professional.

Steering clear of confrontations and public spectacles, his focus remains unwavering—demonstrating his worth and leading his team to victory with every game. This resilience and dedication are what set Bronny apart, proving that he is more than capable of carving out his own legacy in the basketball world.