Jeff Teague on Warriors with Kevin Durant: 'In Golden State, Winning Was a Long Shot'

Jeff Teague shares insights on facing the Warriors.

by Nouman Rasool
Jeff Teague on Warriors with Kevin Durant: 'In Golden State, Winning Was a Long Shot'
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The Golden State Warriors, with Kevin Durant in their ranks, were an unstoppable force in the NBA, as Jeff Teague vividly recalled on his Club 520 podcast, featuring Draymond Green. Teague's firsthand experience came during a memorable matchup on December 6, 2016, when his Indiana Pacers faced the Warriors.

That evening, Golden State delivered a staggering 142-106 defeat to the Pacers, showcasing their dominance in a season where they appeared virtually invincible. Teague's recount of the encounter highlights the psychological edge the Warriors held, "When you head to Golden State, victory seems out of reach.

It's all about keeping the game close, because if they get a run going, especially in the first quarter, it's pretty much game over. The energy in the arena becomes electric, with fans and players alike fueling an unstoppable momentum."

Warriors' Dominant Start

At the time, the Pacers were struggling to find consistency, arriving at the Oracle Arena with a 10-10 record, in stark contrast to the Warriors' impressive 17-3 start.

Golden State's explosive beginning to the game, scoring 38 points in the first quarter alone, set the tone for what was to come. Teague lamented, "We were trailing by 12 after the first quarter, and it felt like there was no coming back.

The Warriors' bench was alive with energy, and the crowd was in a frenzy, it was clear we were being outplayed on a grand stage." The spectacle wasn't just about the Warriors' teamwork; individual brilliance shone through as well.

Klay Thompson's remarkable performance stood out, scoring 60 points with incredible efficiency, leading Teague to speculate, "He was on fire; he could have surpassed Kobe's record that night." The 2016-2017 season was a testament to Golden State's prowess, culminating in a championship win with only a single loss in the playoffs.

Their success continued into the following year, securing another title. Despite their quest for a three-peat being derailed by injuries and Durant's subsequent departure in 2019, that era of the Warriors remains a high watermark in NBA history, symbolizing a blend of talent, strategy, and sheer dominance that left opponents like Teague in awe of their capability.

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