2024-25 NBA Salary Cap Increase May Break Jaylen Brown's $304M Record by $17.7M

Jaylen Brown's historic contract sets a new NBA benchmark.

by Faizan Chaudhary
2024-25 NBA Salary Cap Increase May Break Jaylen Brown's $304M Record by $17.7M
© Sarah Stier/Getty Images

In a groundbreaking move this summer, Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics penned what was then the most lucrative contract in NBA history, a five-year extension worth a staggering $304 million. However, recent shifts in the NBA salary cap projections could significantly alter the final value of Brown's deal.

As a supermax player, Brown's earnings are directly tied to the league's salary cap, comprising 35 percent of the cap's total value. This unique structure means any fluctuation in the salary cap directly impacts his income.

Notably, NBA insider Shams Charania recently revealed a downward revision in the cap for the 2024-25 season, now set at $141 million, a million less than earlier projections. To reach the originally reported $304 million mark, the cap needed to hit approximately $149 million.

With the new projection, Brown's contract is now estimated to hover around $286 million—a sum still substantial, but short of the initial headline-grabbing figure. The contract's value could further decline depending on the outcome of the NBA's next broadcast rights deal.

For Brown to achieve the $286 million valuation, the cap requires a 10 percent surge from its current projection.

Brown's Record Deal

At the time of signing in July 2023, Brown's deal surpassed Nikola Jokic's $276 million contract with the Denver Nuggets, making it the richest in NBA history.

This extension keeps the All-Star forward with the Celtics until 2029. Eligible for the supermax after securing a spot on the All-NBA second team, Brown's financial pinnacle could soon be eclipsed by teammate Jayson Tatum, who is poised for a supermax deal this summer.

Brown, celebrated for hitting a career-high 26.6 points per game and a 49 percent field goal percentage last season, continues to be a pivotal figure for the Celtics. Currently averaging 22.0 PPG with a 49.2 percent shooting rate, he is in the last year of his current contract, drawing a salary of $31.8 million.

The upcoming extension will catapult his earnings to $52.3 million in its first year, although the final year's projected $69.1 million payout in 2028-29 might decrease if salary cap projections don't align with initial expectations.

Throughout Brown's seven seasons with the Celtics, the team has consistently reached the playoffs and made three Eastern Conference Finals appearances. Drafted third overall in 2016 from Cal, Brown has solidified his status as a three-time All-Star, continually elevating his game and the team's competitive edge.