Kyle Shanahan Reason for Skipping Andy Reid Handshake Post-Super Bowl

Super Bowl's unexpected moment raises eyebrows among fans.

by Nouman Rasool
Kyle Shanahan Reason for Skipping Andy Reid Handshake Post-Super Bowl
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In an unexpected turn of events following the Kansas City Chiefs' triumphant victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII, onlookers were left puzzled by the absence of the customary post-game handshake between the head coaches, Kyle Shanahan and Andy Reid.

This deviation from tradition, typically a hallmark of sportsmanship, sparked a flurry of speculation and discussions about potential unsportsmanlike behavior. Delving into the reasons behind this omission, it was revealed that Kyle Shanahan and Andy Reid, both seasoned and respected figures in the league, had mutually decided earlier in the week to forgo the post-game handshake.

This agreement was rooted in their previous experience, where finding each other amidst the post-Super Bowl chaos proved to be an overly time-consuming endeavor.

Handshake Decision Explained

Kyle Shanahan, in remarks shared with CBS Sports, expressed his respect and camaraderie towards Andy Reid, highlighting the practical challenges of navigating the crowded and jubilant aftermath of the Super Bowl.

Their decision was driven by a desire to sidestep the logistical hurdles that the celebratory environment presents, rather than any lack of respect or sportsmanship. This year's Super Bowl was not the first instance of the Chiefs outmaneuvering the 49ers, with a similar outcome observed in Super Bowl LIV.

Kyle Shanahan, reflecting on the defeat, shared his heartfelt sentiments on the pain of losing, especially in a game that held the promise of victory. His history with the Super Bowl, including a previous loss as the offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons, adds layers to his experience of the game's highs and lows.

The conclusion of this Super Bowl left the 49ers grappling with disappointment, a sentiment exacerbated by their favored status throughout the season and leading up to the game. Kyle Shanahan, a contender for the Coach of the Year award, acknowledged the sting of defeat but also expressed immense pride in his team's achievements and resilience.

Looking ahead, Kyle Shanahan stressed the crucial lessons to be gleaned from this experience, underscoring the need for a resilient and optimistic mindset as his team gears up for a vigorous rebound in the upcoming season.

His forward-looking approach highlights the NFL's intrinsic values of relentless competition and personal development, characteristics that continually shape its players and coaches alike.

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