Magic Johnson Demands Respect After 1996 Ejection by Scott Foster

Johnson's fiery clash with referee Foster stirs controversy.

by Nouman Rasool
Magic Johnson Demands Respect After 1996 Ejection by Scott Foster
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In the midst of Magic Johnson's electrifying return during the 1995-96 NBA season, an unexpected incident momentarily sidelined the momentum of this celebrated comeback. The incident in question involved a contentious encounter with Scott Foster, a referee who was relatively new to the NBA scene at the time.

The altercation was sparked by what Johnson perceived as a missed foul call. In an effort to draw Foster's attention to what he believed was an oversight, Johnson inadvertently chest-bumped the referee, leading to his immediate ejection from the game.

Reflecting on the incident, Johnson, with a blend of regret and frustration, acknowledged his misstep. Yet, he also voiced his dissatisfaction with Foster's approach to the situation, emphasizing the importance of open communication between the team captain and the officials, as reported by the NY Times.

This incident was particularly noteworthy given Johnson's transition from a revered player to a mentor figure within the Lakers organization. Following his initial retirement in 1991 due to an HIV diagnosis and a brief stint as the Lakers' coach, Johnson returned to the court, this time assuming the role of a seasoned veteran.

His responsibilities extended beyond his on-court contributions, as he also took on the task of guiding the team's younger talents, some of whom had their own history of contentious interactions with officials.

Magic's Standards Tested

However, Johnson's own adherence to the standards he set for others was called into question when, merely a week after criticizing teammate Nick Van Exel for a similar offense, he found himself in a heated exchange with Foster.

The dispute arose after a missed layup, which Johnson was convinced was the result of a foul. Despite his protests, the call was not made, leading to an escalation that culminated in Johnson's ejection. The incident highlighted the ongoing tension between players and referees, a dynamic exacerbated by the disparity in age and experience between Foster, then in his sophomore season as an NBA official, and Johnson, a seasoned veteran with over a decade of professional basketball under his belt.

The Lakers' General Manager at the time, Jerry West, noted this gap, suggesting that a more experienced referee might have handled the situation differently. Nearly three decades later, the issue of communication between players and referees remains a pressing concern within the NBA.

Despite the evolution of the game and its players, the interaction between these two critical components of the sport seems to have stagnated. This incident serves as a reminder of the need for the NBA to revisit and potentially reform the protocols governing player-referee communications, ensuring that such exchanges are conducive to the sport's integrity and the respect due to all participants.

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