Steph Curry Sets NBA Record Against Pacers

Golden State's calculated gamble at the trade deadline.

by Nouman Rasool
Steph Curry Sets NBA Record Against Pacers
© Dylan Buell/Getty Images

In an electrifying performance that set the court alight, Golden State Warriors' luminary Steph Curry surpassed NBA legend Jerry West to establish the 13th spot for the most 40-point games in the league's history. Against the Indiana Pacers on Thursday night, Curry did more than just lead his team to win but scored an incredible 42 points, a feat which further ensures his place in the books of NBA greatness, as StatHead of Basketball Reference reports.

But Curry didn't stop there. His otherworldly ability from the three-point area was put on show as he hit 11 threes to further create an outstanding record for the highest number of games with at least 11 threes which now stands at 13.

This feat puts him way above any other in the history of the NBA as the next best at this mark has done so in no more than four games. This was a pretty good example of how this game stood out as a testament to Curry's recent dominant streak, even though he struggled by his standards the other night in a win against the Philadelphia 76ers.

With just over a third of the season through their schedule, they already have eight wins and are riding the wave of a 4-1 run in their five-game road trip, and that can be credited largely to Curry's superb play on the court.

Warriors' Quiet Confidence

The Warriors, in a strategic move, largely avoided major moves at the trade deadline - a signal from the organization that it believes the current roster is capable of finding itself and making a deeper playoff run.

It was a road that was not really smooth, but wins over the teams like Pacers expose the full potential of Golden State whenever there is a good combination. The next matches will also expect the return of some key players back to the Warriors from the injuries, which have been pushing them forward.

Head coach Steve Kerr will have his work cut out for him maximizing his rotations. With a fully healthy squad, Golden State will be positioned to be a really dangerous team as the season wears on. A blend of skill, strategy, and precognition sets up the electric new chapter of the Warriors' journey, with Curry leading the charge yet again through historically great play.