Steve Kerr: Green finally realized how much he loves to play

The four-time winner of the NBA ring recorded seven points, eight assists and six rebounds in his team's loss to the Atlanta Hawks

by Sededin Dedovic
Steve Kerr: Green finally realized how much he loves to play
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Draymond Green, the passionate and sometimes volatile forward of the Golden State Warriors, is back on the court after a controversial suspension. His return is causing a lot of reactions, and many are wondering if it is a time bomb waiting to explode? In December, a heated exchange with the Phoenix Suns' Jusuf Nurkic took a turn for the worse.

Green, known for his intense play and occasional emotional outbursts, took a swing at Nurkic, resulting in his ejection and indefinite suspension. This was not Green's first such situation, he has a long history of such and similar outbursts.

The NBA initially suspended Green indefinitely, prompting concern from his team and teammates about his future. However, after 16 games and reported counseling, he was reinstated. Coach Steve Kerr believes that Green used this time to think, and that he is convinced that Green is more experienced this time and will not repeat the same mistakes.

"He was very focused after that rehabilitation process. He understood what happened and why he was sidelined. I think he also had time to think about how much he loves to play, how much he loves to be part of the team and that he doesn't want to be out of action " - explained Steve Kerr.

Returning to the field: a double-edged sword

Green's return was met with mixed reactions. While his scoring may not be impressive, his defensive presence and playmaking are undeniable. He is a vocal leader, defensive anchor and key facilitator for the Warriors.

However, questions remain about his ability to control his emotions and avoid further incidents. Green's influence extends beyond statistics. He is the soul of the Warriors and the main defensive mind. But his fiery personality can do damage to his club as well.

The Warriors are currently going through a challenging season. Green's return is a boost, but not a magic solution. He must find a balance between his passion and calmness. Can he channel his temper into positive energy while keeping his emotions in check? This is the key question that will determine the success of his comeback.

Green's situation is just one piece of the puzzle for the Warriors. Injuries, roster changes and a competitive Western Conference present challenges. The team needs a concerted effort to find stability and regain their championship form. If the Warriors don't find their game and start winning, the potential for another Draymond Green outburst is high.

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