Homeschooling Made Me Smarter, Claims NBA Star Michael Porter Jr.


Homeschooling Made Me Smarter, Claims NBA Star Michael Porter Jr.
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Denver Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr., in a revealing discussion on the Pivot Podcast, has shared insightful reflections on his unique educational journey, from being homeschooled by his mother, Lisa Porter, to his eventual transition into the public school system.

Raised in a family of eight children, Porter credits his homeschooling experience for his academic and social development, debunking common misconceptions about homeschooled children. Porter dispelled the notion that homeschooled kids might lack social skills, emphasizing that his involvement in basketball provided ample opportunities for socialization.

"People always talk about homeschoolers being a little weird or whatever," Porter stated. "For me, like we got that through basketball. All our friends, you know, we hooped on different teams, travel teams, so we got to socialize." This approach not only nurtured his athletic talents but also ensured a well-rounded upbringing.

Upon entering public school in the 8th grade, Porter observed a stark contrast in academic challenges. He recounted, "I finally went to school in 8th grade, public school, and the first thing I noticed was I was way smarter than everyone." This realization highlighted the effectiveness of his homeschooling experience, where his parents, Lisa and Michael Sr., had also encouraged entrepreneurial skills by having him run a snow cone stand, further enhancing his social interactions and business acumen.

Academic Leap Ahead

Porter's homeschooling journey allowed for a flexible learning pace, often completing his lessons in a fraction of the typical school day. "When I went to public school, I was sitting in there eight hours," he explained.

"But I was already way ahead of all the other kids." However, adapting to the new environment and peer dynamics was a challenge. "They were doing stuff and talking about stuff and into stuff in 8th grade that I really wasn't even aware that kids my age were really on that point." Despite these adjustments, Porter found solace in his passion for basketball.

Moving to Columbus presented another hurdle, as it lacked the basketball community he was accustomed to in Indiana. This led to more solitary time, which Porter utilized to hone his skills in the gym. "It took a couple of years for it to feel like home—to meet new friends because I was homeschooled,” he recalls.

Porter's dedication and adaptability paid off. In high school, he led Father Tolton Regional Catholic High School to its first state title and continued his success in Seattle at Nathan Hale, culminating in a Class 3A State Championship and national recognition as McDonald's All-Star MVP and National Player of the Year.

Michael Porter Jr.' s journey from homeschooling to basketball stardom is a testament to the power of a tailored educational approach, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence, shaping not just an athlete but a well-rounded individual.